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Anyway, back to the post!

Pack your bags!
We are going out of town this weekend!

I realized that old pictures of me are rare, and I do not have an old picture of myself where I smiled. Here I am with a stained fleece at Disney World! All I remember was my back was hurting, and I was tired. My wife is smiling yet I could not smile! Why not! I was with the woman I love!

Then I remembered that being over 400 pounds does not bring so much happiness!

This weekend my wife and I are celebrating our five year anniversary! We have been together for over eight years, but this weekend marks our five years of holy matrimony!
We are going out of town to a resort at the beach to relax and go to some stores! Plus, there is a gym at the resort!

After looking at this picture, I realize why it is important to go this weekend. At 211.6 pounds, I weigh less than I have in a LONG time.
When my wife and I went to Disney, we were celebrating our two year anniversary. It was tough for me! I could not fit on a lot of the rides, walking was a chore, and forget about sitting at a booth in a restaurant! Not really the happiest place on earth.
I have written this before, but I felt like I let my wife down on that trip. She was so excited to go to Disney, yet I really could not keep up. I did not want to walk to many places, nor did I want to be there. She understood. She seems to always understand!
Life was so hard over 400 pounds. I can not talk about it enough! If I ever write a book, the first 200 pages is going to be me writing “Being over 400 pounds is hard!” because it is! You just want the time to go by. Nothing is rewarding.
Being 211.6 and in shape is different. I am actually excited about going away for a weekend. Although I work a lot, it will be nice to be away from the restaurant for a few days!
I also feel that I owe this trip to my wife. For our five years, I am giving her the gift of me walking to different stores with her! I am giving her the gift of being able to hug her after dinner! I am giving her the gift of having the energy to run around all day!

All I want back is an I-Phone!

My wife knows how important this blog is to me as well, so I am bringing the camera and my laptop! She knows that writing keeps me on point in my journey!
We are staying at a resort that has Internet access, so that I can update my blog. I think that is pretty cool. Plus, my wife likes to sleep in, I do not!

So this weekend, my wife and I are inviting you as well!

So let me know who is driving. I got shotgun!

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