Well, here I am in BEAUTIFUL St. Petersberg!
We are staying at a really nice resort this weekend, and we have done nothing but relaxed! Walking on the beach, picking up seashells, and watching the waves has consumed our last two days!
People always want to know what I eat! When you lose over 200 pounds, it is like something of a phenomenon. People ask me:
” What do you eat on a daily basis?”

” What did you eat on (Fill in your holiday here)?”

” Do you eat pasta?”
My favorite question is “What do you eat when you go out!”
Well, here is goes!
Being in St. Petersberg, most restaurants are very expensive and trendy! There are no Chili’s or Outback, and I really can not look up the nutritional information on the computer. So what I do is…….
Eat the exact same thing that I always do!
That is right, I always order something crazy in a restaurant. I pay much more for my food, but I am happy with what I get. Here is an example of our breakfast:
My pregnant wife has not had an issue with overeating or portion control. She is on vacation, and can eat whatever she wants, so she does. Here is her meal:
Yep, a chocolate chip pancake, fried potatoes and bacon. Looks great! She said it was wonderful. Total price, $7.75.
I have had issues with eating my whole life. Now, after almost a year, I have learned to eat well. here is my meal:

Yep, I had a bowl of berries and two eggs. It filled me up, and I had protein, good fats, and fiber. It was delicious! Total price- $16.75.

Eating healthy is expensive, but well worth it. Sometimes, I wish I could order whatever I wanted to. It would be easier!

Truth be told, I am more passionate now about food than I ever was. I really enjoy my fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. I get very excited when I eat them, and I feel great afterwards.

I also know that this is a way of life. There are no more exceptions. Now, I see results with eating healthier. I mean, look at the picture on the side. I am wearing jeans! The last time I wore jeans, George Bush Sr. was in office. That was a while ago!

So we are going to go back to the beach now, and then to dinner.
I can not wait to eat my $100 created meal of oysters, crab legs, and salad!

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