I am usually off of work on Tuesdays. It is a great day for me to catch up on sleep, and doing things around the house.

But I am working today, Well, not yet, but in a little while. I was going to take a vacation this week being it was my 5 year anniversary, but I decided to just take off the weekend.

So when I woke up, I was a little irritated. Granted, I make my own schedule at work (to a point, I am very fair!), but I just did not feel motivated to get up.

I am sure you have felt that way before!

The dog was very annoying. I just wanted to sleep. She just wanted to bark.

She won!

Finally, around 6:30am I woke up. That is late for me, I am usually up around 5am. I really felt behind!
I was considering skipping the gym today! I wasn’t in the mood to go. I wasn’t motivated at all. I really did not need it!

Plus, so many
bloggers are busting on the gym, calling machines “dreadmills” and “eskiptical craphines“. So many bloggers are talking about how silly the gym is, and the irony of how we do things in there that we should be doing in real life.

Well, I am a blogger. I am losing weight. Maybe the gym is not for me today either!

Then I washed my face, and looked in the mirror. I saw a guy who I did not recognize. I saw someone who ten months ago could not go to the bathroom properly. It was someone that did not go to the gym 10 months ago. No, no, no! He couldn’t go! He went to the Chiropractor four times a week instead! One hour at a time, $65 dollars a session!

His back was so bad he could not stand up for more than 20 minutes. People begged him to lose weight. He didn’t care. Pizza was more important than life!

I saw some one who could barely walk down the isle for his wedding. Who could not walk through Disney World. Someone who could not walk down the grocery isle with his wife!

Then I looked again, and I saw someone who absolutely loves the gym now. It has changed his life completely! He runs inside the gym! He runs outside the gym!

For what, a marathon, 5K, bi/

No, he does it to take a walk with his wife, and play catch with his child in the future. He does it to live past 40!

65 minutes a day changed my life! it still does!
My gym will only allow you to be on a machine for 65 minutes. Sure you can be on longer, but it only tracks for 65 minutes.

After I washed my face, I realized I was being a baby! I realized it was time to go to the gym!

I got dressed and went to the gym!

And for 65 minutes, I was loving the elliptical machine! I will probably go to a boxing class tonight as well!

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