My favorite day used to be Tomorrow!

” is when all of my dreams would come true, so I thought! It is the day I would start my diets, and the day that I would work out. I would clean the house “Tomorrow” and I would save money “Tomorrow”.

Whenever my wife would ask me when I was going to live a healthier life, I would always say, without hesitation:
Whenever my wife would ask me when I would start exercising:
Whenever my wife would ask me when I was going to do the dishes:

Yep, tomorrow was this overweight man’s dream!

Sadly, tomorrow never came. Nope! Whenever Tomorrow came, it quickly turned into “Today”, and then“Yesterday” before I could get a grasp on it. It vanished in thin air.
My bosses at work also knew about tomorrow. That is when I would turn in better numbers. Tomorrow is when I would get out of the office, and make an impact on my kitchen.

“Tomorrow” was also the day where I would get a promotion.

Then, one day, ten months ago, my wife asked me the same questions she has for then last eight years:

“Tony, when are you going to eat healthy?”

I looked at her, and said “Today!”

“What do you mean today. You mean tomorrow, right?”

“No dear, I mean today. I mean right now. My healthy living starts right now.”

The last ten months, I have lived for today. Whenever I want to make a goal happen, I plan on it for today!

Today, I lost 3.6 pounds, bringing my total for the year to 205.4 pounds lost. It is also the most I have lost in a week in three months! Wow, on Christmas week!

Today, I got to hear my baby’s heartbeat. It was fast! Puh-dum,Puh-dum,Puh-dum!

Today, I turned in some nice numbers at work.

Today is an awesome day.

Sometimes I wish every day was like today. Oh wait, I control that now.

Every day is like today!!!

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