What a week! It was very busy at work, as I have blogged about earlier.
I worked every day, probable close to 12 hours a day. Truthfully, I feel good. This is the first holiday season as the managing partner, and I think my team is doing a very good job so far.
I was driving home this evening thinking about the upcoming week, and all the parties we are going to have at the restaurant. It is going to be another busy week! While stopped at a traffic light, I saw a sign that sparked my eye. It was a simple sign with three little words. Words that used to bring me so much joy, and so much pain all at the same time. Three words that used to mean more to me than anything else in the world. Those words were:

McRib Is Back!

That is right, the McRib is back at McDonald’s. A barbecued pork thing with onions and pickles on a sesame roll. Oh, how I used to get so excited when it came back. I never understood why it went away. I mean, if everyone is so excited when it is at McDonald’s, then why wouldn’t they have it all year long.
During my 400 pound days, I would always stop at a fast food on the way home from work, sometimes more than once. I would go through the drive through, and order a good amount of food at each place (Between $15 and $25 each time). I would throw the wrappers of the food in my car (A 2 door Acura at the time). It made a HUGE mess. In fact, there was no room to sit in my car except the driver’s side because of all the wrappers!
When I cleaned out my car one time (actually I paid someone to do it because I could not bend down in my car) I filled up 4 garbage bags with wrappers, from everywhere.
Taco Bell, Burger King, Arby’s, KFC, Wendy’s, you name it!
I would spend so much money on fast food. Probably $400 a week, and I wish that was an exaggeration.
When I drove by McDonalds today, I was not tempted, not even close! I was not surprised, but very proud. I have not had fast food in ten months now, and I do not plan on going back. It is not worth it to me. The McRib was there when I ate bad, and it will be there when I am 120 years old. I am not missing anything. In fact, I did not know that McDonalds has a coffee bar now, McCafe or something. Pretty cool!
Now, on my way home from work, I will stop at a grocery store for a bottled water or some fruit. I will not do the fast food thing. This is the first December I have not had a hamburger, or a taco, or chicken strips.

And my three little words now are “I Love You” to my wife.

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