You know what is funny? I do not know what I am more amazed about. Losing over 200 pounds, or living my life over 400 pounds. Both are pretty dramatic.
I found one of my old shirts and decided to put it on. Look at that black shirt with grease stains on the belly (yes, work stains!) I never thought it would be as big as it was on me. Talk about shocking!!!
Oddly enough, I also have a picture with another big shirt. The baby blue shirt picture is a 2XL shirt that I was wearing in August!!! That is crazy!

Anyway, I want to write about resolutions, because that is all I see in the blogging world!

Just so you know, I am like all the wonderful people who leave me comments on my posts. I am inspired my so many bloggers out there. Some for humor, some for determination, some because I just love to see what they eat every single day. But I do spend a good amount of time reading, which is something my parents should be proud of.

Back to resolutions. Hmmm, let me see if I can explain my point, because this could get confusing.

I love goal setting!

It is the foundation of any good leader. I love to write down goals, follow a “S.M.A.R.T” formula (Specific, measurable, blah blah….sorry, I am not Tony Robbins) for my goals and check on them to see how far I have come to getting to my goals. I do it all the time for work. Sometimes we call it an action plan!
I also do it on a personal level.I try to write down my goals, because someone once told me if you do not write down a goal, it will never happen.
A few of my goals I have set over the last few months are:

Weigh in under 200 pounds
Be interviewed for a major newspaper/magazine
Be interviewed by 10 weight loss bloggers
Be interviewed on a national television show
Be a lifetime WW member
Be a WW leader
Have at least 28 blog posts a month

Still waiting on a few of them, but I am hoping in the next six months they will all be fulfilled.

I love telling people about my goals. Everything I have wanted to accomplish, I have written in my blog, or made it clear to my wife. It is important to share your goals with people. If you keep it inside, then no one else can hold you accountable.

Now, I am not fond of the term “New Years Resolutions”. Really not a big fan of it at all!

I do not make them, nor will I ever.

I cant wait to see this comment:

“Why Jared, that is quite harsh! I think it is a great time to start fresh!”

No, no, no! Also, my name is Tony, not Jared.

Here is why I do not like “N.Y. Resolutions”. Actually, it is only one reason:

Failure- I have never succeeded in a resolution in January. In fact, I have never known anyone to stick to a New Year’s resolution for a year! This is how it worked for me: I make a goal, I am pressured to start it January 1st, not able to do it just then, and then it is ruined. Who wants to truly start a “N.Y. Resolution” January 2nd???

I know that memberships at WW, gym’s, and “Quit Smoking Today” places all go up at the beginning of the year. But, to make a goal, you need to be ready, and have the confidence of succeeding.
I guess what I am trying to say is that you need to make goals/resolutions. It is so important to do so, but do them on your terms. Do them when you are ready, not because it is January 1st.

They should not be New Year resolutions, they should be your goals.

Share them with everyone!!! Please, if you have goals, post them on here. I would love to see them!

Remember, I lost over 200 pounds in 2008. I made the decision to do it On February 24th.

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