I usually get up to go to the gym at 5am every morning. My pup starts to bark, I take care of her, and then it is off to the land of fitness.
I love going that early because it is not busy at all and I am able to use whichever piece of equipment I would like. I feel comfortable going at 5am, because I know all of the people who go that early. Not by real name, but by nickname. They are:

The Blackberry Twins (Two women who are always texting on their phone)
Pointer Guy (A guy who points at everyone)

Older model man (A older guy who looks like he should be on the cover of
Dolphin a plenty (A guy who wears a Miami Dolphins hat)
Stupid hat guy (Hey, that’s me!)

I have never talked to any of these people (except stupid hat guy) but is is fun to give them nicknames!

Well, today I went to the gym at 8am instead, and it was packed. Really packed! I went in and was irritated at how packed it was. When I was walking to the machines, I saw my favorite elliptical machine was free. Yes! How exciting! I ran to it, and put my towel on it, and was ready to go.
All of the sudden, I heard this guy yelling “Hey you! HEY YOU!!” I looked, and a huge guy who looked like Warren Sapp was yelling at me.
I was not sure why, but he came right up to me. He did not look angry, but he was right in my face when he said:

“Hey, aren’t you that fat guy that used to work out here?”

I did not think it was going to be appropriate to tell him how much I hated the word fat, so instead said
“Well, I did lose a little weight this year.”
I always downplay my accomplishments to people I do not know. For some reason, I feel like I am gloating or bragging if I tell people how I lost 196.8 pounds in nine months. I do not want to come across arrogant!
He game me a weird look when I said this, and then said:

“No,no,no,no! I lost a little weight this year. You lost a God damn person!”

He caught me! I used to be able to get away with telling people I lost a little weight. No more. I thought it was weird that I have never seen this guy before (Trust me, I would have remembered), yet, he not only recognized me, but knew I lost weight. That is pretty impressive!
He started talking to me about how he lost 40 pounds. He uses some pill, which I do not remember the name, but ends in Zine for weight loss. He eats protein, and also rock climbs. Pretty manly! He asked me how I lost the weight.

“Well, I go to a Weight Watchers meeting with some older women every week, I work out to the new Brittany Spears Album, and I cook dishes from the Hungry-Girl book.”
Hmmm, not so manly, but it gets the job done!

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