So today started out like most Mondays for the last nine months.
I woke up with the pup barking. I worked out, and then I was off to Weight Watchers before work. I only had time to get weighed in today, and not stay for the meeting. Oh well, I guess I could not hear how the new program is the same as the old program, except it has a different name. I can save that for the Internet forums!
I went to my weigh in just 3 pounds away from losing 200 pounds!
I do not know anyone who has lost 200 pounds without surgery. I know many people who have lost 190+ pounds, but not that 200 pounds mark.
I guess it is like when you buy a DVD player for $99.99, you do not realize it is $100, but it is. $99.99 sounds cheaper. Huh?
Anyway, I went to my meeting with my favorite receptionist, Barbara, happy to see me. I got on the scale, she had her fist in the air, and she said:
“That’s my boy, 2.6 pounds!!!”
Yep, I lost 2.6 pounds, bringing my total to 199.6 pounds lost.
For a split second, I did say “Awwww man!” on the inside, but then realized how happy I was that I lost 2.6 pounds. I had a good week!
I was telling someone at work it would have been nice to blog that I lost 200 pounds, and he said:
“Well, why don’t you just say you lost 200 pounds. You are going to lose it anyway, just subtract it from next week’s total. What does it matter.”
That is where I am different! It does matter! !t has always mattered!
I am truly a man of integrity. If I gain weight, I will tell you all. If I lose weight, I will tell you all. I am honest about all about my eating and workouts. At work, I am as honest as I can be. If I lose my job, it will not be because of an unethical issue. I will not put myself in a situation like that! In my personal life I am honest. It hurts when you are deceitful!
I look on the Internet, and I see a lot of weight loss stories. I hate to say it, but by looking at the pictures, you can tell a lot are fake. They push their stomachs out, they have different lighting. They look 20 pounds overweight when they say they have lost 85 pounds.
No, I am happy with my 199.6 pounds lost. I am the real deal. I have my little WW booklet to prove it. I am not a liar, and I do not plan on starting now.
I can wait one more week to tell you I lost 200 pounds!

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