I had the best birthday ever.

I have all of you to thank.

Before I explain that last comment, I need to tell you a quick story. About 12 years ago, I did one of my many weight loss programs. Most of them in the past were successful for about a month, and then it was over. Well, there was one time where I was doing real well. I started at about 265, and I was down to 225. 40 pounds is a lot! I was so proud of myself. I went into work and told my boss that I have lost 40 pounds. He was eating pasta at the time, and he made this comment in an incredibly sarcastic voice with other people around:

“Yeah, yeah! You are such an inspiration to us all!”

Everyone started laughing, and it really hurt my feelings. All of that hard work just to get a sarcastic remark from someone I respected.

From that day forward, I hated referring to someone as an inspiration for that reason.

Until recently!

For the longest time, I did not know the true meaning of an inspiration. I mean, what inspires people to do the things they do. I have heard of people losing weight in the past, but it never inspired me to do so. I always lost weight because it was time, never by hearing a story about someone eating better.
The truth is, I did not understand what a true inspiration was until I started to write this blog. I get a lot of emails, very genuine ones, that tell me how they have been inspired by me.

How they want to learn about fiber, how they want to live a healthier life and work out!

Yesterday, I had 32 comments on my post. 32!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, that is the best birthday gift ever! For one day, I felt like weight loss bloggers Mizfit and Pastaqueen. 32 comments, everyone of
them nicer than the other.

I felt so good, and proud to share my story!

Weight loss is tough! Don’t let anyone tell you any different. I wish I could come out here and say “It is so easy, all you have to do is……….”, but I can’t.
You have to make life changes, and sacrifices to lose 200 pounds. You have to have support from family and friends, and every morning and night, you really have to believe what you are doing will be for the rest of your life.
But I say this in all honesty…..

You are my inspiration!

Every one of you. Every person who reads my blog, the 67 subscribers on my blog, and the ones who come to my blog by accident. You are such a big part of my weight loss, it is not even funny. Every week, I want to lose weight so i do not let you down. I want to write a funny and quirky blog post so you will laugh, or cry (By the way, this is my favorite post, which did not get a lot of recognition). I want to entertain as much as possible!
Thank you so reading my blog, and leaving comments. Please, as always, let me know if there is anything I can do for you. Because you all helped me lose 196.8 pounds!

Oh, and thank you for my gift of 32 comments!

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