“I don’t want to be a widow so young!”

Those are the words that changed my life. Those are the words that motivate me everyday!

When I was over 400 pounds, I was a walking time bomb! I knew there was no future. How can there be? Walking was a struggle, breathing was a struggle, and sleeping was a struggle. Life in general was a struggle. Life was more of a day to day operation.
What a shame I lived that way as well. Food was more important than my family. I would eat and eat, without caring about myself, or the way I lived. I was supposed to take medication for my heart and cholesterol, but never did. Why??? Maybe laziness, maybe I just did not care!
I have always had a great wife, who has stood by me for eight years. I have never met anyone who cared about me more. She has always talked about us having a family, and living for the future.

Until this year, I really have not had a future.

Here is a story that changed my life forever!
Before my dramatic weight loss, I was working late one day. My boss was talking to me about some new procedures, and it really interested me for some reason. We were talking until 3am, when at the time I usually get home around 1am.
When I strolled in the house around 3:15am, my wife was up crying. I couldn’t understand why?
I remember telling her that I was at work, and not cheating on her, or doing something dumb.

She looked at me with that look. And then uttered the words:

“I don’t want to be a widow so young!”

It is so true! Why was I living the way I did. I would never be able to have a family! Even if I did, how long would I be around to enjoy it. Maybe a year? Maybe six months?
Plus, being over 400 pounds, it is so hard to have a family. Sure, getting married is easy (Except finding a tuxedo!), but having a baby is impossible. Adoption agencies won’t even look at someone over 400 pounds, because how long are they going to be around to take care of a child. Taking care of a pregnant wife is difficult as well, especially since it is tough to even roll out of bed!

When that comment was made, I knew I needed to make a life change. That is the motivation I needed.

Whenever I am around “bad” food, or I am too tired to work out, or a holiday comes up with people shoving snacks in my face, I do not get tempted. Why? Because I am thinking of other people. I am thinking of my wife…….

And I am excited to say I am thinking of my baby on the way!

We are due in July! It is our first baby! It is one of the main reasons why I lost weight, and one of the main reasons I will keep it off. I am beyond thrilled!

So for the first time, I am losing weight while my wife is gaining….

And I could not be happier!

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