I go to a Weight Watchers meeting every week! I have done so for the last 9 months. I do not really know why I like them so much, but I do. I am the only guy there most of the time, and the only one that is under 400 years of age. I always sit in the back, and I try not to talk that much.
Over the last month, I have talked a lot more. The leader calls on me, and asks me questions all of the time now, which is fun for me. I think she likes doing that because I never give her the “politically correct” answer:

“Tony, what advice would you give to people on Thanksgiving”
“Stay home, tape your mouth shut, lock the door, and throw away the key!!”

Okay, I am joking there. I do give some tough love to people though. Not mean, but more truthful love than “nice” people would.
Anyway, this meeting started off as the most exciting one ever. I walked in, and I heard the theme for Rocky playing. Wow, already I was excited. I love that Rocky music. I took my seat, and the leader came up and said

“I am wearing sweatpants today because we are going to talk about EXERCISE!!!”

Be still my heart! Finally, after all these weeks, we are going to talk about something I am passionate about! Sure, I love talking about diets, but I do feel a little out of place sometimes telling people what I eat at meetings. I am a Core member (No processed foods), and most people in the meetings are Flex, meaning they count points, and eat what they want. Actually, every one in the meeting counts points.
But FINALLY, a meeting where I could talk about how much I love going to my boxing class. How much I love doing ab work now. I love circuit training, and running. Oh, a meeting where I belong!
She then asked what kind of exercise people have been doing. I was ready to say something profound, when someone ruined my day. Here was the next comment at the meeting:

” I still love using the hula-hoop!”

Yep, for the next 20 minutes, they talked about the hula-hoop. How great of a exercise tool it was, and how much fun it was when they were children, which was 1698. I couldn’t get a word in about exercise. Nope, it was all about the hula-hoop!
After that, the leader said “Okay, enough about exercise, how was every one’s Thanksgiving! How did you all do.”
So then I got to hear for the next 30 minutes how people were fooling themselves that they did well:

I did so good! I only ate half a pecan pie. I usually eat the whole thing!”
“I used a smaller plate, and only made six trips!”
“I had my fruit! The cranberry sauce was great, and healthy”

The last 10 minutes of my WW meeting is called “Bravo” where they recognize people who did well for the week. I NEVER talk during this time, because I do not want to look like I am gloating. This time I did say I lost three pounds, and got my star.
Really,no one lost weight this week, except for me, and a woman who lost 6 POUNDS!!!
The leader said “Wow, 6 pounds, that is fantastic. That is more than Tony!! You must have been diligent this Thanksgiving! Give us your secret!”

“I had food poisoning”

Yep, the Rocky music fooled me for the first time ever!

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