I had a really nice day off today. Well, I did spill a bottle of laundry detergent on the floor, which took me a while to clean up, but besides for that it was good (Upside is I have a very clean floor!)
I did not go to my boxing class today, but I did go to the gym for some workout time. I have not worked out less than six days a week since I started on my journey. I can finally say that my gym memberships pay for themselves.

People ask me what I do when I work out, and what motivates me while I work out. I get MANY emails from people who get bored on machines or hate free weights. I love em!
So, I am going to tell you about how a typical workout goes for me, and you might think I am weirder than you already do:

When I walk in the gym, I say hi to the receptionist. That is the last word I say there (unless a huge guy tells me I lost a person!).

That is also the last time I smile.

After she swipes my card, I am in the zone! I walk to my “cardio machine” and think of reasons to be angry. I will see someone working out hard, and I say to myself “That needs to be me!”
I will see someone barely working out and I will think “Why does that jerk even come to the gym!”
Either way, nothing will make me happy.
I get on the machine (usually elliptical) and I look for the most fit person on a cardio machine. I look for the one who loves being at the gym, who is working the machine, the one that loves the gym!
When I find him/her (usually a her) THAT PERSON is my enemy! That is the one I need to work out harder than! I put on my headset, cover the timer with a towel, and off to working out!
I refuse to get off the machine until my enemy has. Once the “hard workout” person is done working out, I throw my hand in the air in victory. For some reason, I feel like I worked out harder than that person! Like I beat them in some sort of race!
Then, and only then, I check my progress on the machine. I do not like looking at the time or progress while I am working out. It messes with my head!
I refuse to ever do less than 60 minutes on a
cardio machine. I have worked too hard! I remember when I did 2 minutes on a treadmill, and I was happy. I can not lose my 60 minute routine.
After my cardio, I go to free weights or circuit training. I just started back on free weights, so I will do a body part or two a day, four days a week. I do not concern myself with “how much weight” I work out with, but speed and intensity.
SO this whole workout is about 90 to 100 minutes. I do go twice a day if I can. It is a little insane! I am very passionate about it now. It is such a good feeling to be able to be as active as I am now. It was 10 months ago that I could not buy shoes because I COULD NOT walk through a mall. Now I can! I also try to make “boring” machines a fun adventure. I try to make everything

Do you really think apples are fun?? They work though!

After my workout, I usually hear a “byyyeeeeee” from the girl at the front desk. I always look back, and wave. I am not rude!

But “Hi” is the only word I say at the gym!

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