I am not big on writing about current events. I usually do not talk about politics, or the world economy, or anything going on in Hollywood. The truth is, I am not very good at it. My brother is good at that kind of stuff, I am good at taking the same idea and re-writing it 3,989 times. Yes, it is usually about weight loss.
So I guess this blog entry ties in with both. I have gotten some emails that I should give Oprah advice. Are you serious!!! Me, advice for Oprah!
Now, I have been reading a lot of bloggers writing about Oprah, and her weight gain.
Truth be told, I do not read O Magazine, nor do I watch the show that often.

The last time I watched Oprah, it cost me money because we made our house energy efficient. The other time was “Oprah’s favorite thing-a ma-bobby’s” which cost me more money. Oprah costs me money.

Anyway, my wife loves her, as do so many people in America.Heck, I love her too. She is great! Her show is well produced, and she has some fantastic topics on her show (Per my wife). She is the definition of inspiration!
So recently, or for a little while, Oprah has been gaining a couple of pounds. 40 to be exact. She was a fit 160, and now she is 200 pounds. She does not look bad, but there is a difference in her pictures.
Anyway, everyone in the blog world wants to chime in on her loss, and give her tips and advice.They want to be superstars by saying what she did wrong, and what she can do to fix herself. I read a blog where the author wanted to give Oprah hope. One other blogger wrote that she knew how she could help Oprah lose weight. So here is my opinion:

I have none!

That is right. Who am I to give Oprah advice. Actually, who is anyone to give Oprah advice. We are all struggling with weight loss (I have busted my rump to still weigh 23.4 pounds more than Oprah!) and eating right. Since when did everyone become such an expert! We do not know what it is like to live her life….

Wait, there is someone who knows!

There is hope for Oprah!

I have two words for you, girlfriend!!!!

Ricki Lake!

That is right. Ricki has lost 125 pounds through hard work, and eating right (and something called “Fresh Dining”). She had a pretty successful talk show, although everyone was kicked to the curb on her show (I still love the theme song…doooooo,do,do,do!)
She looks great, and she stays busy. She has been struggling with weight loss for 20 years (Like Oprah). She was 260 pounds at one time (Oprah was 240). Ricki even had a baby, and still dropped a few afterward.
She could give Oprah some advice.

I couldn’t. Oprah still has kept off more weight that I have.

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