I love comments! All my friends have great insight, and it makes me think about what I wrote. It also motivates me to write more!

That is, until someone starts the comment by saying,Hey Jared…..

My name is not Jared. Nope, not even close. My birth name is Tony!

The reason I do not like being called Jared is the same reason why I chose the name The Anti-Jared!
Let me explain. First off, I am not a fan of Subway. In fact, I have not eaten in one in over 15 years! Yes, even with my fast food addiction, I have not stepped foot in a Subway.

The year was 1993. Clinton just got in office, the Bills lost ANOTHER Super Bowl, and Ace of Base was actually a hit band. I was in my first year of college when I went to a Subway for a couple of subs.

Yes, I did say couple of subs. One sub was not enough for me. I had to have two feet of bread and delicious meats. Don’t forget the toppings!

Anyway, I ordered my sub, and the girl behind the counter made it wrong. I asked her to make it over for me, and her reply was
“I don’t get paid enough to deal with your bull—-!”
Well, now I was mad. So I asked for the manager. A middle aged man came out, and I proceeded to tell him the story. He really could care less!
The manager not caring made me REAL mad! I remember telling him that I was outraged and I would not be back.
Then he said the words that haunt me. He made a comment that changed my life, and wanted to go into the restaurant industry to make a difference! He said:

Listen chubs, I can see you will not pass on a sub! People like you say that all the time. Ha, you will not be back! Oh, you will be back. It is like people saying they will not get gas for their car. They need it, just like you need a sub!”

I really wish I was exaggerating about that comment, but I am not! I could not believe a person in an authority position could make a comment like that. I left mad and without a sub!

I never went back!

Jared to me symbolizes Subway, and what it stands for. Here is a guy who lost over 200 pounds. My story is similar to his. We both wore size 60 pants, and we both would be dead by the time 35 years of age hit!
Here is how we differ. I am annoyed that he is not responsible to the public. This is my opinion, but hey, it is my blog, so I am entitled to it! Telling you that two subs will help you lose 200 pounds is not fair. It is nonsense!
I could get on here and say “I lost 200 pounds in 10 months! It is so easy, all you need is Hydrocuts! Just click the link!”

I guarantee you, you would click the link. I would make a lot of money.

But I have to sleep every night! Losing weight is HARD!!!! It takes dedication, changing your life, and sacrifice. More sacrifice than I ever thought possible! It takes will power, and it also takes the right foods, and the right portions.
Saying a sub twice a day is not realistic!
Truth be told, you would lose weight if you only ate a Snickers bar 3 times a day. Each bar is under 300 calories, so it would be less than 1000 calories a day.

Is it healthy? Is it something you can do for the rest of your life?

My goal is to lose more weight than Jared. I am confident it will happen in 2009. I also want to tell my story to thousands of people! Weight loss is possible…….

But so damn hard!

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