Well, today is my birthday!

I was never the “surprise party” kind of guy. I loved gifts! When I was younger, it was always the newest, greatest toy I wanted, and usually got. A television, a video game system, a Walkman, baseball cards, or even a DVD player is what i would have in mind! I would get so excited when i got the gift, and then would not touch it after two weeks.
As I got older, and more and more unhealthy, birthdays just were not that special to me. When I was severely obese, I would look at a birthday as me getting older, with nothing accomplished personally. It was rough!
When I hit 30 years old, I REALLY hated my birthday. Being over 400 pounds at the time, I would hear about people in their 30’s having strokes and heart attacks. Now, I was 30 and over 400 pounds. I was just waiting for the day. Waiting for my arm to go numb, and to have to call 911.
Last year on December 3rd, I had to work. I remember being at work, on my birthday, when a employee came up to me and said:

“You know, you are huge. You will have diabetes soon, if you do not already!”

Wow! The sad reality is that she was not trying to be mean, but in her eyes truthful. There I was, on my most special day, turning 32, wondering how long do I have to survive. How long will it be before I do have diabetes. Or something even worse.
I just posted a new picture of me, and I cried when I looked at it. For the first time since my journey, I have a picture that not only shows my hard work, but it also shows my determination in fitness as well. I have posted a picture in a tank top before, but this is different to me. It is more defined, and confident. A year ago, if you were to tell me that i would lose 197 pounds and would love to blog, I would have told you that was nuts.

Wow, a year ago seems like an eternity. I am loving being 33!

My family members always ask me “What do you want for your birthday this year?”
What more could I ask for?

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