This is a tale of a really nice guy. One that is caring and can be funny at times.

He also has no patience. He likes to be alone at times, and is quite grumpy.Okay, he is VERY grumpy! He is very passionate in things he does, and sometimes he is passionate to a fault. In other words, he is crazy! He also can lash out in a heartbeat, and gets really upset for very silly things, which includes:

1. Every time he sees the words “Biggest Loser Spoiler”
2. Guys wearing sandals
3. The word Zumba

Who is this guy you might ask? That “crazy guy” is me. I have been a real peach my whole life, which will be 33 years this Wednesday. I have my good moments, but I can also be a real pain! In fact, this is what people have been saying about me lately:

Why is Tony in such a bad mood!- Anonymous Employee
You are really grouchy!- Wife
Woof woof woof!!!!!- My dog Bella

Yet, my whole life, I have been been described as a person with a “Great Personality”. I never understood that comment, nor will I ever. What is a great personality?
Is it someone who lights up a room?
Is it someone who wows the ladies?
Is it someone who donates all of their money to a local charity?

No, the term “Great Personality” is a term used for someone who is overweight. At least that is what I believe. Sad but true!
There is no such thing as a great personality. Everyone is unique. There are many people who are mean, but I love being around them. Their are people who are nice who I can not stand. Their are people who are dazzling at parties, and those people are called con artists.
Yet, whenever I was described as a youth, no one ever talked about the way I looked. No one mentioned the fact that I was obese. No, they just mentioned that i had a great personality.

” Tell me about Tony?”

Ummmm, he has a great personality!”
“Great! What does he look like?”
Ummmm, he has a great personality!”

In fact, I do not have a great personality. If you met me, and did not know that I have lost 196.8 pounds (Yes, I lost 3 pounds this week!!!!!!), you would not think I was so special. In fact, you would think I was shy. I am nice, but being humble can also be misconstrued as being conceited!
Growing up, I always wished I was the muscular one, or the hot one. I wished I was not overweight, and maybe I did not have the great personality I have heard so much about.

33 years later, I have the same personality. Not so great! But, I did lose 196.8 pounds! I will just have to deal with my inner self!

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