“I really need to see a manager!”

I hear this comment about 3 times a week. Whenever I hear it, it is not going to be good. It is usually about cold food, poor service, or a long wait time at the restaurant. Every time I hear that comment, it costs me about $50 and a humble apology.
I am used to this. I have been in the hospitality industry for 12 years. I deal with guests all of the time. I have heard it all!
Today though, it was a little different. It hit home!
A guy came in and was irate because he did not get enough free bread in his to-go order.He did not leave yet, but was shocked at the initial amount of bread he was given. There was nothing wrong with the food or service, there was just not enough free bread.
I was pretty busy, but still made ample amount of time to go and speak to the guest.I apologized, and told him that I would be happy to get him some more bread. That is when I got his response:

“You don’t understand! My wife and I love your bread, and it is not enough. I can’t understand why you would not give more bread with to-go orders. My wife is going to be mad, and I am mad! I can’t even see straight because I am so mad! Why is it so hard to just give more bread for to-go orders. Are you an idiot! What kind of place do you run here! Jesus Christ, I want to punch something!”

Well, this comment made me think of two things. One, how is he going to explain to the inmates that his is in prison for life because he punched a guy for bread:

Whatcha in for man!”
“They just couldn’t give me any more damn bread! I love that stuff. A half loaf is not enough. I love that stuff! I will punch that guy again for bread!”

The more important thing is that this guy was me. He was me making a big deal over stupid things. Which I did all of the time. I never worried about important things, just silly things:

“Tony, the house is on fire”
Ehhhh, well get a new one”

“Tony, could you go get the mail for me”
“That is ridiculous. Why would you ask for such a crazy request!!!!!”

Worrying about small silly things is how I would sabotage my weight loss journeys. I would be on a roll, eating very well, when suddenly someone would bring cupcakes into work, and I would eat one, and ruin my plan.
“You were eating so well?”
“Stupid Cupcakes”
I would be working out well, when my schedule would change at work, and then I could not adjust.
“You were working out so well?”
“Stupid Schedule”

I still have fears that I will go back to my old ways one day. I will always have those fears. One thing I will not have fear of is that something silly will ruin me. Not any more! I might have a cupcake one day, but it WILL NOT ruin 197 pounds lost, and my schedule changes at work all of the time, but it WILL NOT ruin my 90 minute workouts. Not any more!

So finally, I gave this guy 6 loaves of bread, and paid for his meal. He still left unhappy. There is not much more I could do. I ruined his day.
When he left and employee came up to me and said “Wow, that guy was a JERK!”

I replied “No he wasn’t, he was just like a 400 pound guy I used to know.”

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