As you may or may not know, I am now an expecting father. I am super excited about it, and a little nervous as well. I am sure most people having a child have those feelings!
The one thing that I am thrilled about is story time with my baby. I love to read, and I remember my mom and dad reading me stories when I was younger. My mom used to make the best voices for the animal characters in Aesop’s fables, and my dad did the same. It was the best part about being a kid!
The other day I went to the bookstore, and looked at some children’s books. I was browsing over all of the classics, and some new ones as well. I think the first story I read my new baby will be this one though:

Once upon a time, there was a cook who lived in a village. He was a wonderful man whom people around town always talked to. He had a great wife, and he had a lot of passion as a cook, cooking for some of the most important people in town, including the King.
One day he made the King one of the best meals he has ever eaten. It was amazing! In fact, the King was so thrilled he went up to the cook and said
That meal was the best I ever had. I would like to do something for you now because you have made me so happy. Tell me what you would like, and I will make sure it happens!”
The cook looked at the King and said
Hmmm, well, I am very overweight, I would like to lose all of my weight! Um, and my wife and I would like a baby as well. Also, I am tired of being a cook, I would like to own my own restaurant, and have cooks under me. How does that sound?”
The King thought about it and said:
“How does that sound? Well, RIDICULOUS!!! I am a King, not a dream machine. Come to me when you have some realistic ideas! Away with you!”
The cook, saddened, left the King and went home! He told his wife what happened and she said “Those do not seem to unrealistic! It will take some work, but they are possible!”
The cook took that to heart, and decided to do it! I mean, what did he have to lose!
So the cook woke up the next day at 5am to run around his house. It was so hard, but he did not care. He would not give up! He knew the next day when he ran, it would be easier, and easier the day after that.
Consistency was the key!
He also started to eat better. All of the rich soups and cheeses he was eating was not good for him. He realized that fruits and vegetables were very filling, and helped him lose weight.
While he was losing weight, the owner of his restaurant bought another restaurant.
Cook, you have done so much for me, I am giving you this restaurant” said the owner.
Finally, the cook was a owner!
When he went home to tell his wife, she said “That is wonderful news, especially since we are going to have a baby.”
The cook was thrilled! Everything was starting to work out for him.
The cook went to the King’s palace, and saw the King. The King looked at him and said “You look familiar, but I am not sure where?”
“Well King, 10 months ago, I was very large. 420 pounds to be exact. I made you a great meal, and you asked me if there was anything I could do for you. I asked to lose weight , get my own restaurant, and have a baby! All of this has happened!” the cook said.
My, My, My!!! I do remember! How have you been” the King replied.

“Great sir. If you need anything, let me know. I make dreams come true!”

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