This is the lowest I have weighed while being in the restaurant industry, and I will tell you I have a lot more spunk than I remember. It is amazing that I am keeping up because usually at this time (12:30am), I would be asleep, or being upset with my wife for asking me to do the dishes. never a big fan of the dishes.
I blog about this a lot, but weight loss has really changed my perspective on things. What used to be so hard is not that hard at all. It used to take me 2 hours to clean the kitchen ( I would have to take breaks because my back hurt). Now, I can do it in 20 minutes, and a good job at that. My wife would ask me to get things out of her car before, and I would always do it “later”. Now, I do it right away.
Now, December is always a very busy month for me! At least it has been since I have been in the restaurant industry. The current restaurant I am at triples in business in December, so I usually work 13 hour days (If not more), 6 to 7 days a week. I work a lot as it is, but December is super crazy. It goes by fast because of the volume though.
So far this December, I have been a superstar both professionally and personally! I have worked a good amount of hours, and I have not neglected anything at home. Not only that, I am still as focused as ever about my diet and workouts, and I feel the same way about my blog.

I love this blog, and I take a lot of pride into it. I try to write at least once a day, and I truly do feel bad if I do not get to it, like I have let someone down, which is usually myself. I look at my blogroll sometimes, and I see that some people have not updated their blog in days, even weeks. Not me, I can not go longer than three days now.

The reason being is the passion I have for everything I do. Wife/Family,working out, weight loss, managing, blogging. I take it all with so much pride. I am the guy that does things either 300%, or I do not do them at all. That is the way I have always been. It is the reason i was 420 pounds (No one ate as much as me), and the reason I am 223.4 (No one eats as strict as me, but maybe you do?)
This week, I am going to weigh myself at WW on Wednesday, because I have to work on Monday all day, which is usually my weigh in day. That is very weird for me, so I am wondering what i will weigh in that day. Not sure, but I am hoping it will be less that 223.4.
Also, I had my first blog interview. Check it out here, I tried to be as honest as I could!

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