Dear Santa,

My name is Tony, and I have been a good boy this year. Now, in the past, I realize I have not been so good. I have been selfish, and a little less compassionate than I should be. I do feel that 2008 was a much better year for me. I lost weight, I am in much better health, I am very good to my wife, and I work very hard!
Now, each year I ask you for things, but for some reason you always skip my house. Maybe it is because I have not been a good boy. Maybe it is because I do not have a chimney. Maybe it is because I am a 33 year old man who would be pretty mad if he saw a man in a red suit in his house!
Either way, I am going to ask you for a few things this year. I am not expecting anything, but I will ask for them anyway. Uhhhhh, here goes nothing!

Tony’s Wish List for Mr. Santa C.,

Lifetime Supply of Fiber One (Tanya’s favorite!)
Elliptical Machine
A “Magical” apple tree which will make any apple I ask it to
My wife’s compassion for friends
My brother’s incredible writing talent (He is on the cover of Sports Illustrated!!! Way cool!)
My dog’s energy
My parent’s determination
My father-in-law’s business sense
My mother-in-law’s purchasing sense
Margo’s great parenting skills and Sara’s education
Mizfit’s muscles
Pamela’s humility
Carlos’s humor
Muate’s ability to keep weight off
Linda’s fight to keep blogging
A PlayStation 3????

Well, there is my list……

Hmmmmmm, you know what Santa. I will be honest with you. you probably will not give me any of these items, and I am okay with that. truth be told, I have gotten what I wanted this year. Health, a great wife, and a future is really all I need. I have some great friends who have supported me this year!
Instead of that list, how about making sure that people like Moonduster, Lisa, CJ, Kerrin, Bbubblyb, Antgirl, Ashley,Wes,Matt,Allison, Carrie, John, Spunkysuzi, Hanlie, Haze, Jeanne, and the many more who have supported me have a wonderful holiday!

I mean, it is the least you can do, right?

Tony aka “theantijared

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