I love busy days! Today was one of the busier days of the year. My chef and I were running around and really worked well as a team. The staff was in a great mood, and it was just an overall great day!
Towards the end of the night, we were running out of prepared foods, so I decided to help the team out. You see that big stash of onions! That is right, I got to peel and dice them all. Fun, fun, fun! But I did not cry. I was tough, Tonka tough!
When I was cutting the onions, there was an employee telling me a story about her husband. I really was not paying attention, because my mind wanders. But here is the only part I remember:

“I told him to get off his fat lazy butt and do some work!”

That comment got me thinking a little. Why is it that fat and lazy are always used together?

I know a lot of overweight people who are far from lazy. In fact, most people who are overweight are not lazy. They are people who work very hard to get the same results as everyone else.
When I was severely obese, I would still work 14 hour days. I would do everything my wife asked of me, and I would still run errands. I would not call that lazy.
I did however have to sit a little more because my back hurt. I did take longer to finish certain tasks. I did sweat a lot, and look more sloppy than I do now.

But that is not being lazy. That is me not taking care of myself!

I have been reading some blogs of people who are struggling with their on weight loss journey because they are doing so much for other people. They are taking care of other situations instead of their health. They will work hard, and then eat what they want to . That is not lazy!

That is physically destructive! Trust me, I know!

People ask me how do I stay focused in weight loss. Well, I look at the onion. Sometimes, I make myself cry, and I need to be washed as well. But if you cut me, I still have many layers to go through.

That is why I will not tolerate a “fat lazy” comment. I work too hard at it. I always have worked hard, obese or not.

Oh yeah, I had another interview. This one is from my friend John. Check it out!!

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