I had a few extra minutes today, so I decided to go to Weight Watchers to weigh in before work.I couldn’t make it to my normal meeting yesterday, so I did everything I could to go to the one today.
I had a good week with eating and working out, but for some reason I just had this feeling that I gained weight this week. I have had this feeling before, and not sure why, but this week I was SURE that I gained a couple of pounds.
So I went to the “Tuesday Edition” of WW, to see a whole new class of 100 year old women. None of them knew who I was, which in a way was kind of cool.
I went up to the leader, and handed her my little booklet and card. It is like the passport of points! I was not to excited to get weighed in, but mainly because I have been so worn out from
work. I really did not care if I gained, I would just work harder.

I got on the scale, and the leader said “Okay, you can get down now.”

Now, at WW, the leader/receptionist is the only one that can see the weight. You don’t even get to see it. You just get to hear it from the person behind the desk. They tell you how much you have lost, usually in this fashion:

“Wow, 4 pounds lost. That is great, but remember that 4 pounds is not normal every week!”

“1.6 pounds lost, right on track, fantastic”

If you gain, you hear:

“Okay, you can get down now” (Otherwise known as gaining a couple)

So she said this, and was still typing away. She did not tell me how I did at all, which was the first time that this has happened TO ME at a WW meeting. Finally, I said “So how much did I gain?”

The leader, who was not so nice, sighed and said:

“Well, you only lost .2 pounds.”

What??? Let me get this straight. I have gotten beaten up for losing to much weight each week. now I am getting beaten up for not losing enough?
I am supposed to be disappointed for a loss? I do not care, nor have I ever cared how much I lose, as long as I lose, or maintain.
Then I realized something, and that is so many people get so frustrated for “small” losses. I have never been that way. I read a blog about someone who was so mad that he lost 10 pounds in three months. He lost 10 pounds! He should be disappointed if he gained 8 pounds in a month, or 3 pounds in two months.
Why would anyone be disappointed in any loss? Let me tell you, it is still a proud moment when you can tell someone that you are meeting your goals, and you lost .2 pounds in a week!
I have lost 197 pounds this year, but I would be just as content if I lost 20 pounds, or 100 pounds. The reason being is because of the lifestyle change I have. How I am active, and I have a new passion for living. I have told people I am happy now, and if I maintain for the rest of my life, I will be content.
After my weigh in, the leader gave me some books on the new WW program called Momentum. I am sure you have heard about this, so I am not going to bore you any more about it. The leader told me “You will like the new plan, it has more flexibility!”

Nah! Not for me! I liked the plan that helped me lose .2 pounds this week! I think it is called “Kind of Core with a F-Factor Twist.”

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