I am weird! One weird thing about me is that I love Monday’s! The beginning of the week, and my future!
Today I woke up like I always do! You guessed it, pup barking. I walked her, and the dog looked at me and said

“Tony, I think you will get that 200 pounds lost today!”

I thought it was kind of weird that the dog was talking, but she is smart. I thanked her, and then was off to the gym!
At the gym, I was working out very hard! I was watching SportsCenter, and all of the NFL highlights. I am a Carolina Panthers fan, so I was bummed about the game yesterday. When they were interviewing Steve Smith of the Panthers, he looked at the screen and said

“Hey Tony! Is it true you have a shot of losing 200 pounds this week!”

Wow, how did he know? I didn’t answer back because it would have been a little weird.
After the gym, I took a shower, and was on my way to work. I was going to wait for WW till Wednesday because I wanted to get in early to my job, but I had a few extra minutes, so I decided to see if I did it!

If I lost the 200 pounds! I was not far off, with 199.6 pounds lost!

I have had a good week….better yet, I have had a great 10 months. I have not been tempted by anything I should not have been, nor have I skipped workouts. I have stayed on plan, and realize that this is my life now, not a diet. I am a healthy eater! Kind of weird, but true!
So I went to my WW meeting, and went on the scale. Barbara, my favorite receptionist was not there, so I dealt with some other woman. I went on the scale, and she said:

“OK, 2.2 pounds lost.”

2.2 pounds, WOW!!!

That means I have lost 201.8 pounds so far THIS YEAR!!!
Not only that, but I am the only person I know who has lost over 200 pounds without surgery (did that comment make sense?)
I have known people to lose 190+ pounds, but now, I am in the sweet elite 200 pounds lost club!

I love it!

So I was waiting for the big congratulations, the big hooray!! I was waiting to be carried around the WW meeting by all of the 100 year old women!
Instead, there was no fanfare! The only comment I heard after that was a woman saying:

“I can’t understand why the Fruities are never on sale!”

Well, at least my dog and Steve Smith were excited!

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