Ahhhhhh! Finally a day off. I have been working like crazy, and being able to do nothing for a day is kind of a nice feeling. Well, I have to do stuff, but fun errands, like food shopping and paying bills. I kind of miss doing that.
I am also going to go to my boxing class tonight for the first time in a couple of weeks. I have not been able to go because that gym is far away, and work has been non-stop. So I have been loving the elliptical machine and free weights at the gym by my house.
I went through the mail yesterday, and I realized that I missed a birthday gift. I love gifts!
I got a $10 dollar coupon for the Casual Male XL. They sent a nice little generic letter with the coupon and wanted me to come in before the end of the month!
As much as I like the people who work there (Ronnie and Jordan), I will not be back in the store.

You know you are a shopper when you are friends with the people who work there!

I will not be going back for a while. The sizes start at XLT (Extra Large for tall folks!). I am 5 foot 6, and I wear a medium to large shirt now, and I wear 36 pants. It was not too long ago that size 60 pants were the way of life for me, and 5xl shirts were hard to find (February 24th to be exact!)
The one thing I did like about the Casual male is the way they designed their pants for guys. Actually, a lot of designers do this for overweight guys. Instead of putting elastic on the pants themselves, they have come up with a “non-visible” extender that gives your pants an extra 2-3 inches in the waist. So you can comfortably wear a pair of “size 60” pants because of the extra support. And “no one” knows! I loved those George Foreman pants! Or were they called Harbour Bay pants?
The pants I have now do not have the extra love. It is weird to me. The whole experience is weird to me. I have not been this thin since Bush was is office (The “old skool” Bush). At work, people tell me to slow down now, because I am moving to fast. Me! Too fast. No way!!!!!
So I think I am going to keep that coupon for the Casual Male just to remind me that it is only a few McRib’s away. I have donated my 5x clothing earlier this year, now I have some 42 pants and 2xl shirts that need to be given away.

Do you know any good organizations?

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