I have never been the kind of person to give my opinion on world issues. In my line of work, or really any corporate line of work, it is best not to discuss abortion, politics, or religion. Plus, do you really care about my opinion?
I did want to blog about the election, so I will discuss it how it pertains to my weight loss.
In Florida, we have early voting. I was off last Thursday, so it was the only day I could go. Voting is important because it gives you a say in America, no matter which side you are on. I pulled up to the local library, and the line was out the door. Cars were double parked everywhere! So I decided to park about a mile away in a local shopping center and walk. It was a nice day, and I did not want to get stuck behind another car leaving.
I went to the line, and I allotted myself about 3 hours there. I mean the line was super long!
Okay, about 25 minutes later, I was done voting. The line went fast! There was over 20 polls in the place, and people were trying to get in and out.
I guess the reason why I am saying all of this is because if I was over 400 pounds, I probably would not have voted. I would have seen the line, and regardless of parking, would not have stood in that line. My back hurt a lot then, so it was not worth it. Nothing was worth my back hurting. I did not have to make a excuse to not vote.
But at a active 233, I was feeling good, and proud that I got to vote. And of course I voted for

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