So today was my meeting and weigh in day. I enjoy Mondays. I have not missed a meeting yet in 9 months. Even though my diet is a mix of so many programs, I do enjoy the fact that I can weigh in each week, and that is my weight for the week. Even if I weigh 20 pounds more on Wednesday, the weight on Monday is the weight for the week.
So I went to my meeting wearing the same outfit I always do for my WI’s, and I was greeted by my favorite receptionist Barbara. Before I even said hi, she grabbed her necklace and told me “Thank you!”. I looked, and it said 100 pounds lost on her pendant. She proceeded to tell me that they had a regional WW meeting, and she was awarded the pendant because she had a member lose over 100 pounds, which was me. I thought that was really cool. I mean, she did sign me up, so she should get some rewards.
She then told me how she told my story to the district manager. Before I could get excited, she shook her head and said “The weight just came off too fast for her to take you seriously”.
Yep, I have heard that from so many people. The weight came off too fast for them. 193 pounds (Yes, I lost 2.6 pounds this week) in less than 9 months is still hard to believe. I have not plateaued yet. As a mater of fact, I do not know anyone, surgery or not, who has lost that much weight in that amount of time. I am not special. God did not create a different specimen of a man. I just sacrifice more than most.
But you know something, I don’t care about people believing me. I know I did it the right way. I have not had caffeine in 9 months, nor have I wondered off plan. I have not had pasta, nor have I had any processed foods. I have kept up my 35 g of Fiber a Day (Thanks Tanya) and I have the best cholesterol level in my family.
My heart rate is where it needs to be. I can see abs now. I can jog….run even. I did it through healthy living, not starving myself, or buying processed foods. I did it just like every single book tells you too.
WW is great, but the guy success stories are silly to me sometimes. A actor loses 25 pounds by keeping his points to a minimum at the bar? Come on. Who does that? I want to see guys who lose 100 pounds with families who are committed to the program, not people who have quit and joined 20 times.
We talked about Thanksgiving Dinner at the meeting today, and the leader asked who was going to eat healthy foods that day. My hand was the only one that came up. Thanksgiving is another Thursday now. Spending time with my family is special, not the food. I’ve eaten everything imaginable on that day, why would I want to revert back to that?
When my hand shot up, and was truthful out of 50 other hands that did not go up, that is when I realized why my story is special. I have the dedication, and willpower. I see results. I am going to keep losing weight. And I do not care if I ever make it in a WW magazine, or on page 8 of The Clipper magazine.

I am just happy my story will not be in the obituary section for dying of a heart attack. I take care of myself now!

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