I do not like telling the “person off the street” about my weight loss. It is a lot of weight to hit someone with at first. People always want to hear about a 20 pound or a 30 pound loss, not 190 pounds. When I do tell someone about my loss, this is ALWAYS how the conversation goes:

” How much weight have you lost son?”
“190 pounds”
“How much?”
“190 pounds”
“WOW, how did you do it?”
” I decided to change the way I think of food and…..”
“Oh, that is great. Did you hear about this Acai Berry. I saw it on Oprah.”

That is right, I get bumped by the Berry. Actually, you can replace the Acai Berry for any of these other items below:

Chromium Picolinate
The Grapefruit Diet
The Cabbage Diet
The Detox Diet
Ripped Fuel
Stacker 2
Stacker 3
Trim Spa
Colon Cleanse

Not a pill, but Atkins:
My favorite Atkins story was a friend of mine did it at the same time I did. I lost like 6 pounds the first week, and he gained 4 pounds. He was so mad, and I remember he said “This is dumb, I cut out all the carbs. I only ate bacon, eggs, and pasta.”

People want something that they can take that will enhance how they are eating now. Or they want to do something for a short time, and then go back to the way they used to eat. I do not think that people are lazy, I think that people can not accept change for a long time. People can not deal with eliminating certain foods, and substituting it with better foods. It is too hard.
I give anyone who does WW a lot of credit, because going to the meetings is courageous. Truly counting what you eat every day takes guts. It is different. And it does work.
I give anyone who does South Beach, Jenny Craig, or any weight loss system credit because it is a step in the right direction of long term weight loss. When followed correctly (and not abused) it works wonders.
Pills will never be the answer. People will always purchase them, because they have to test it for themselves. Eliminating a major food group will never be the answer either Let me know if it works, please.
So the next time someone asks me how I lost my weight, I will demand that they let me finish!!

“I lost the weight by rubbing a Acai Berry cream on my thigh. Works wonders, ya know!!”

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