Last night at the restaurant, I was checking on a few tables to see how their food was. Yes, I am the annoying guy who will come by and say “Hey guys, how is everything this evening. Did the Spaghetti come out like you expected!” (That is where I put both my thumbs up in the air like Fonzie.)

Don’t worry, as annoying as I am, you will be the one to say ” You know, I NEVER complain, nor do I want anything for free!!! I really don’t want anything for free, BUT, this is kind of okay food and I am not going to pay for this food, but I do not want anything for free!!!”

Well, luckily, neither of us were that annoying last night. I did have a table who remembered me from my overweight days, and asked me about how I lost all the weight.
Of course, I said WW and the F-Factor Diet, because that is the way I live. The wife at the table looked at me and said “WW didn’t work that great for me. I followed the points, and did not seem to lose any weight.I am on Sugar Busters now!You should try it.”
Now, I know she will not read this blog, but I looked at her plate, and from a WW point of view, I could see close to 38 points on the plate alone. She looked like a 26 point a day gal. I guessed she did not have any AP for the week, and I also guessed this was not her first meal like this of the week.
The problem with being in WW for a while is you can figure out the point total in everything. Sometimes you will look at someone and instead of saying “Wow, that looks like a nice sandwich!” you end up sounding like a robot saying “Overload, 23 points!”
After she said that it dawned on me that diets overall do not fail. It is always the perception of the dieter that fails. It happens all the time. Here are the top 3 comments I hear at every WW meeting I go to:

1. WW member– I do not understand why I gained this week.I went to Ruby Tuesday’s, and I got this Steak that was only 3 points. I couldn’t believe a 12oz sirloin was only 3 points.
WW Leader– I think you are mistaken about the points on the steak. We will talk about your journal later to get you back on track. By the way, did you know the two point fudgie round-rounds are half off!!!

2. Did you know that 2 egg whites are only a point. I had 20 of them for breakfast, what a great 1 point snack!

3. I had a 5oz chicken breast. 5 points! I did not know KFC could be so healthy. I only ate half the crispy skin on the leg , so I saved points.

Trust me, I did the exact same thing. That is why I failed SOOO many times. I would love the diets with the cheat day. You know, work hard for six days, and then on the seventh day, eat what you want. Heck, even God took a break one day out of the week.
Except my “cheat day” became a “cheat 10 years”. What a relationship.
Or Atkins mixed in with Snackwells. I mean, I knew about carbs, but those cookies were fat free, right! Guess how much I gained on that. Hmmm, a ton!
WW and F-Factor do not make calories go down in foods. It tries to show you the best possible way to eat. It is a lifestyle, and it can either be embraced, or ridiculed. I really try to embrace it! I still track my points, and why not. It will help you watch your portions, even though the WW program I am on (Core) is not about tracking, it is about eating until you are full.
I also track everything that is zero points as a .5 points. Zero point items is what so many people get confused about at WW. I can guarantee that most people who have a 1/2 cup of Broccoli are really having much more. I know I am. So to be safe, I count it as a .5 point item.
I also believe that I have met so many people who have been successful with WW because they do embrace it as a lifestyle, not a “1 month thang“. Same with F-Factor. But you still have your people who have been recommitted to both 38 times.
The good news is the couple loved the food and said they would write a nice letter to our corporate office. That always makes me feel good!
The bad news is that I do not think Sugar Busters will work for her either.

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