Today is Thanksgiving! I am so happy I am off from work where I will be left alone. There is no need to call me today, the store is closed. Home office is closed! It is a real nice day to relax. Ahhhhh.
I am going to go a couple of hours away to eat Thanksgiving Dinner at a family member’s house, but before I left, ! wanted to give thanks to a few bloggers who have helped me with inspiration and hope for the future. It might be some good reading today before your meal! I have written about a few in the past, but just in case you did not see the post, i will do it again in more depth!

Pamela was the first blogger I ever read, and is probably the nicest blogger out there, even though most bloggers are nice. She will leave positive comments for you if she reads your post, and she is totally a “silver lining” type of gal.
The most impressive thing for me about her is that she has kept off over 150 pounds! 150 pounds, WOW! She beats herself up a lot, but the way I look at it, she has lived in “onederland” for quite some time. She loves movies, and books, and she really loves her family.
Lately she has been going through some hard times, but still is very optimistic. This will be a person who will keep the weight off. I think she is great!

Carlos was the first person who ever wrote me a comment on my blog. I do not know how he even found the blog, I only posted once a month. At the time, I lost 40 pounds, and he was down 73 pounds. I was so jealous! He would encourage me in the beginning, and he would always do it with humor.
His blog is funny, and very real. He swears like a sailor, and loves the ladies, but you get a sense that he has passion for his family, wife, and life.
So now, I have lost 193.8 pounds, and I think he is down 77 pounds to date. He has been struggling as of late, which everyone struggles. He writes in humor how he can not understand why he gained 7 pounds while eating Slurpees, Encased Meat, Pork, and Beer. I love ya Carlos, but it’s not the sodium 🙂

Mizfit is super cool as well. She has her own website, and is pretty popular in the weight loss blogging world. She writes fun poems, recipes, quirky comments, and she also has videos where she is exercising in a supermarket with motor oil. Can’t get much cooler than that!
But here is why I really, really respect her! She has left me a comment on every post I have made for the last month. Every time she leaves me a comment, it is at 6am EST. Always! To me, I take that as she is so organized with her life, that she sets time aside every day to go on the computer. It is amazing. 6am every time!I really envy that type of organization!

Those are three bloggers that really inspire me. Trust me, there are many, many more. I think every once in a while, I will write about those who have helped me out, three at a time!

What blogs have inspired you! Where are the “hidden jewels”!

Oh, before I go, and I will post tonight after my meal, check this post out. I really liked it!

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