I like to give my opinion a lot. I will be honest with you, a lot of you will disagree with this blog entry. I am okay with that. I will be very respectful with it, and will write it with dignity and class. But I have been dealing with it for a little while, and it just bothers me for some reason.
I have seen a website about a woman named Tracie who has lost a incredible amount of weight. I think she is up to 194 pounds lost in like 2 years, which is unbelievable and fantastic. She talks about her weight loss journey, which sounds like mine and a lot of people who have been overweight for quite some time, which helps me relate to her. She seems real sweet, and is looking for a way to make a name for herself in this world. Losing 194 pounds is a great way to do it!
Her website is based on sponsoring her during her weight loss. I think you ask for a five pound block, and you support her during the time she is losing the weight. Real cool! She does not ask for money, or gifts, just support (So it says)!
Then, all the sudden, she says you can pay for her WW meeting that week (which she has a Paypal account), or send her clothes. This is where I have the problem. Actually, I REALLY have a problem with that. Tracie has lost 194 pounds. She is a success story. She has lived in “Onederland” for quite some time. And she is “kind of ” asking for money. I am sorry, but that is tacky.
My weight loss has been expensive. Two gym memberships, organic food, new clothing, WW meetings, and books have put a pretty big dent in my bank account. I still work about 65 hours a week, and I do sacrifice sleep sometimes so I can work out,spend time with my family, and write this blog.
But I will never ask people who are struggling with weight loss for money or gifts. Look at my blog, there are no advertisements there. I could put some up, I have been offered. It is not right! I have been offered free samples to talk about products. That is not right either. If I like something, I like it. I will talk about it, without a check.
Maybe Tracie did not mean the sponsorship like that. Maybe it is to motivate others. I can live with that. This is the way I perceived it. Maybe since she is successful, she should be giving back.
So that is what I am going to do. I am going to give people motivation. Let me know the weight you need to lose, and I will give you my time and effort to help you with it. I will talk to you via email, and I will help as much as I can. And I promise, it will be free.

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