Today at 5am the dog started barking, which really was the dog saying
“Daddy, time to work out!!!”
I walked the dog, fed her, got dressed for the gym, and I was off.
On the way to the gym, I was listening to “The Heat” on my Sirius radio. I looked at the screen, and it said Beyonce with “Single Ladies”. Kind of a catchy tune, but all I heard was this lyric:
“If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it!”
OK, maybe he should have put a ring on it? I mean, he did like it. But wasn’t Beyonce married?? I am not sure. But what about all the single ladies? Now I can agree with that.
I went to the gym, and had a great 90 minute workout! 65 elliptical, and then my circuit training. Good times!
On my way home, I heard the same song with the same lyric:
“If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it”
Now this song was stuck in my head. I am not a Beyonce fan, but this song is a touch catchy. So then I came up with the idea that I am going to use this lyric all day! That is it, I mean, why didn’t he put a ring on it if he liked it so much. Beyonce has some depth.
So I made a plan to use the lyric 12 times today. I was not going to sing it, but just say it in a practical way. I wanted to try it out on my wife, but then I realized it would not make sense because I did like it, and I did put a ring on it. So she was out.
I went to the dry cleaners to pick up my clothes, and the woman who works there said she liked my new shirts.
I said “Well, if you liked it so much, why didn’t you put a ring around it”
She then was quite upset because she thought I was accusing her of leaving a ring around the collar of my shirts. I told her the shirts were fine, and I had to go.
Then I went to the gas station, and I got my normal two Smartwaters. The register girl said Smartwater is her favorite, so I said:
” If it is your favorite, why don’t you put a ring around it”
A big HUH came out of her, and I knew that it was not meant to be.
Then at work, my sales manager came to me and said “Tone, I am real happy about the party we booked for Friday”
I said “You might be happy, but if you liked it then you should have put a ring around it”
She laughed and said “Beyonce said the same thing”. She was right!
My boss called and was upset about some numbers I turned in last week. He was happy with my turnaround this week.
I said “Well, if you are so happy this week, why don’t you put a ring around it?”
“The numbers this week were not ring worthy” was his reply. Hey, at least he got it.
I made this comment 36 times today, much more than the 12 I projected. Some people thought it was cute, others thought it was weird.
The final time I said it was when a guest came up to me this evening and said “This Chicken Marsala is to die for!”
I said “Well, you do not have to die for it, but why didn’t you put a ring around it?”
This guy laughed hysterically, and said “I love this place!!!! I would have put a ring around it if I had one. You are too much, keep up the good work!!”

So people ask me how did I lose 193 pounds. I lost it the same way. I come up with a idea, and I follow through 150%. I do not care what some people say, because I know the majority will back me up. I am not hurting anyone with what I am doing, although it is a little silly.

And at the end of the day, I feel a lot better!

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