I woke up this morning annoyed. The pup was barking, the wife was out, and I woke up later than I wanted to. I like to wake up every morning at 5am, but sometimes I sleep until 6:30. Well, today I woke up at 9am, and felt like the day passed me by. I walked the dog, and decided to go work out, even though I felt like it was too late in the day.
I had no motivation going into the gym today. Even my hoodie was not making me feel like working out. Usually when I have no motivation though, I have a great day in the gym. The reason being is I get nervous that i will have a bad day at the gym, so I push myself harder. Plus, when i am not motivated, I look at other motivated people at the gym, and try to be like them.
Well, I definitely became motivated. I broke my own elliptical machine record. I went 5.5 miles in 56 minutes. I was sweating hard, and I really pushed myself to do it. I felt so much better after that workout. And then, the big news came!
I went to the machine that tests your BMI. I am sorry, and please do not try to explain it to me, but I am not a big fan of BMI. I guess it can tell by your weight, age, and height how much body fat you have, and where you are compared to other people.
Well, you will be happy to know that I moved up from “Morbidly Obese” to “Severely Obese”.

Wow, and I thought people were the only ones who made rude comments! Nope, machines do as well.

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