So today was a big day for me. I woke up at 4am, walked the pup, and did a couple of chores around the house. Around 5am, I was off to work, getting there around 5:20am. Today was our restaurant’s big training day! The company has been developing a new menu for over 4 months now, and we were going to show it to our staff.I got there early to set up breakfast for 65 employees, and went over my speech for the meeting. I was very excited!
The meeting went awesome! There was plenty of food, and the recipes were executed to perfection. We were done around 2pm, so I decided to go work out, then go to a WW meeting, then come back to the restaurant to close it down. I do not like making my managers work more than 10-12 hours at a time, so I usually pick up the slack.
I had a nice little workout, and then it was off to the nighttime WW meeting. I arrived, and was pretty excited. There was a lot of people at the meeting, around 30, where i am used to around 10 on Monday AM.
The meeting started horribly. For 15 minutes, the leader, who looked like Dolly Parton and talked very slow, was trying to explain that a can of pumpkin was zero points. I tuned it out, because I did not care, but it was annoying.Here is how the conversation went:
“This can of Pumpkin is 0 points”
“You mean a teaspoon”
“No, the whole can”
“So half the can is zero”
“No, the whole can”
Then, the leader made a comment about how she was the most popular person in her high school. Again, annoying, and I did not care. I was getting very irritated!
Now, this is where my day changed. The leader made a comment saying ” You know, we gain weight because we do not care about ourselves, we spend more time caring about others.”
Before I could process that statement, the woman next to me raised her hand and said “Child, I know what you mean. I mean, we care about the children before us, and the children will be fine. We need to be a little selfish.” All the women applauded her, like it was a episode of “The View”.
I was furious! It did not make sense to me. So out of no where,I raised my hand. I have raised my hand 2 times in 35 meetings. When she called on me, I kind of blacked out because i was tired and mad, but here is a brief synopsis of what I said:

You know, what you all just clapped about could not be farther from the truth! I don’t know about we, but I gained weight because I was selfish, and all I thought about was myself. My wife, who I love dearly, saw me dying before her eyes, and all I could think about was putting that next meal in my mouth. When my parents and brother saw how out of control my weight was, all I could think about was dessert. No, I was the selfish one. I thought about myself. For 32 years it was all about me.

I hope you all will never know what it is like to be 200 pounds overweight. You feel like a burden to everyone. You can’t fit in a booth at a restaurant, or walk far distances. You can’t go to the movies because the seat is too small, and you can’t feel the hug of a loved one. I lived it. I was the one who cared about my eating, and not the people around me.
I put my family first, which means my wife, parents, in-laws, brothers, sisters and I, because they want me to be around just as much as I want them around. By putting them first, I do sacrifice. When my wife needs me to do something, I make time. When I need to work out, I make time. I do not make excuses anymore. I do not! I need to live my life like this……

Now, at this time, I got pretty passionate. I actually had tears in my eyes, none rolled out. For the first time, I was finally coming to terms with the anger I had in myself on waiting so long to do something about my weight problem. I felt like I wasted so many years. I will never be the person to gain the weight back, because I know that my family is so much more important than a cookie.
When I looked around, I was a little shocked to see a few of the women crying. For some reason, I thought they would be mad. I got an applause, and the leader said “I have never seen that side of it before.” Well, maybe I am different.
I did lose 1.6 pounds this week, bringing my total up to 187. At the end, the leader pulled me aside, and asked me if I loved Jesus Christ.
Now, I will let you know, I am far from religious. But, I am polite, and respect other religions, so I answered her the only way I know how:

“Well, I would love it if he invited me to the Last Supper, and there was a lot of high fiber foods there!”

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