Growing up, I remember a few slogans in school that helped me out in life.

“Say NO To Drugs”– We had a police officer come talk to us in the third grade and tell how drugs would ruin our lives. I took what he said to heart, and decided not to become a user.

“Don’t Drink And Drive”– In seventh grade we had a mom who lost her son in a accident of a drunk driver. It was a sad story, and I remembered crying. I have had two drinks in the last twelve years, and I was moved enough not to drink and drive.

“Practice Safe Sex”– Never a issue for a 5 foot 1, 250 pound guy throughout high school, so that really did not move me that much.

But, there was one seminar that made a big impact in my life. When I was a sophomore in high school, we had two people from the local prison come and talk to us about jail and why we should avoid it. I think the program was called Scared Straight.
The life of crime was never on my mind, but who knows, I could have run with the wrong crowd, so it was interesting to see what they had to say.
The first guy came up, and talked about how he was in prison for armed robbery, and it was a tough life. I do apologize, because I do not remember anything he said, nor his name.
Now, I remember the second guy. His name was “Dark and Lovely“. I am not sure if that was his birth name, but I am going to assume it is not. Before he came up to talk, he looked right at me and said.
“You would do just fine in prison.”
Except he did not say that! Not even close! I have family members who read this blog, so I am going to try to keep it clean.
He really talked to me for 10 seconds about what he would do with me, and why a chubby kid would be the perfect Mrs. Dark and Lovely.And he was quite graphic as well. I do not think he cared that I was a sheltered 15 year old kid.
Now, I do not remember anything else Dark And Lovely said, but that first comment he made helped me realize that I will never go to prison. You see, I lived a protected life, so my thought of jail was from “The Andy Griffith Show”, or “Night Court”. Not what prison really is!
I was very scared of jail after that little seminar. To this day I :
1. Will not watch Oz or Prison Break
2. Will not break any law, including ripping the tag off a mattress
3. Will not listen to “Jailhouse Rock”
4. Will not play Monopoly because there is a chance I would go to jail.

I am happy Dark And Lovely enlightened me because I did not know that things like that happened in jail. I think that the “Scared Straight” program is a good one because it will scare some people into living a better life.
So I have been thinking, and I would like to go to schools and talk about the effects of being overweight, and how hard it is to live a life. I would call it “Scared Skinny”. I would talk about how you can not find clothes in normal stores, you can’t go to the bathroom properly. You sweat a lot, and you have a much higher risk with diabetes and other diseases.
I think if someone would have told me that when I was younger, maybe my life would have been different. I really did not know the huge effects of being overweight until I hit the weight. I would love to help kids, because I do not want to see them go through what I did. At least be able to give them some information, and tell them they are not alone.

It is also a good thing I watched a documentary about gangs in the US when I was younger as well, or I would have joined one, and thought I would have to learn how to sing and dance like in “Grease” and “West Side Story”.

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