I hate limits for myself. I guess you can say that this is a blessing and a curse, but I am someone who has always thought that the sky is the limit. I always try to overachieve at anything I do. It has happened all of my life. My boss always tells me “Why do you either go 200% or 300% at everything?” Whenever someone gives me a goal, I always go above and beyond. The problem with that is sometimes I dream too big. Or maybe that is my blessing?
When I was in high school, I was not cool at all. At about 5 foot 1 and 220 pounds, I was what you would call “Not cool at all” (Sorry, really no other creative name to put here). I had two pairs of jeans, both 42’s, and both cut down by my Mom with scissors. I wore sweatshirts a lot, which for some reason started a trend with me, and now I wear them all the time as well. My self-esteem was low, and I only had one friend, Peter.
For some reason though, I came up with the idea of running for Student Government. In my school, all the cool kids were doing it. Well, they were skipping school and drinking beer, but for now lets just say the cool kids were running for government. I am not political, I really had no motivation to change the school, but I thought it would be fun to see how I would do. Of course, my parents and my one friend thought I was a idiot, and I would lose bad, and make a fool of myself. I agreed!
So, the fool in me started to make arrangements to run for government. Being overweight, I knew that if I used my weight to laugh about I would do okay. I started putting up posters of my face on athletes bodies. It was a hit! People started to notice me, and loved the posters. I would stay up and think of ways to get more attention.It became an obsession. I made a baseball card with my picture on it that I passed out. I passed out Moon Pies and gum with my picture on it. I did whatever I could to get elected.
The day of speeches came, and I always did a funny speech.One year it was a rap, another year it was me pretending to be a chef. I don’t know why, but it always worked out. People were talking about how creative I was, and how much effort I put into the election.
I ran for four years, and I was elected every year. I was Vice President in my senior year. I only lost one election. After I was voted on my Sophomore year, I lost to Kwame in the race of Student Body Treasurer.
In all fairness, This guy is Kwame, who did pretty good on The Apprentice
Now, truth be told, I hated being in student government. It was not for me. I am no politician.
But I am someone who always reaches for things which should be out of my reach. That is what makes me special, it is what makes me Tony.
I always go to my wife and tell her something crazy I want to do. Sometimes she says “Okay” and laughs it off, and sometimes she gets a little angry with me about my ideas.
She knows me though. She knows me real well. If I was to tell her “Honey, I am going to be a astronaut”, then I probably called NASA three times before to see how realistic it is, and already bought a spacesuit.

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