Pictures are worth a thousand words. When I look at this picture, only one word comes to mind. No, it is not “Getatan” as I am sure some Anonymous people will post.
I have been taking pictures in a tank top for a few months to see development, and this is the first time I feel like I can post one without feeling so bad. Although the picture looks like a lot of “before” pictures that I would see in a Hydrocuts or Ripped Fuel ad, to me it shows how far I have come. The funny thing is that it has been less than nine months.

Nine months ago I was over 400 pounds. I was wearing 5XL shirts and 60 pants. I was scared of death every time I went to sleep, because my hands would go numb a lot.
Nine months ago I did not have a favorite food. I would eat anything that was in front of me. Sweet, spicy, as long as it was a lot of food. I would consume close to 12,000 calories a day.
Nine months ago my family members did not know how much longer I had on this earth. I literally was a walking time bomb.
Nine months ago I had no passion for life.

That was less than a year ago. It is so amazing to me how much I have come in less than nine months.

Today I am wearing size 36 pants and M-L shirts (I did not know that shirts came in a M size, and I am not being funny).
Today I am working out six days a week, twice a day 4 days a week. I am loving my two gyms, and really putting them to use for the first time in my life.
Today I am in love with new foods, like Apples, Fiber One, Cottage Cheese, and Cod. I have never had a passion for food before, now I have a passion for the right foods.
Today I am proud to say my wife can be sure that I will live for quite some time. I have chosen a new lifestyle, and I can not turn back. I can not stop living the way I do, because I love it so much. It is not only a way of life, it is a pleasure.
Today I love my job. I got promoted about four months ago, and people look at me in a different light. I am not the “Fat chef”, I am the “In shape partner”
Today, I have passion for life.

So when I look at that picture, the only word that comes to mind is “progress“. At 33 (Well, I have two more weeks until I am 33) I am in the best shape of my life. I run, smile, laugh, and live a much better life.
And there is much more progress on the way!

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