Today is a very special day to me. Eight years ago this very day, I met the woman of my dreams (Also tomorrow is my wife’s birthday). The ironic thing is that our first meeting was at a bar, and neither of us drink. In fact, I have maybe had two drinks in 12 years, and have not had one in over 7 years. I mean, don’t I have enough addictions.
Well, 8 years, 3 cities, 6 different places of residence, and 3 animals later, she is still the woman for me. This year, we are going to wait for give gifts on our Wedding Anniversary in January. But I wanted to write her a letter telling her how I feel. Believe it or not, I am not even close to being a romantic. I can not charm the pants of a mannequin at Old Navy. When my wife got mad at me before because I never got her flowers, I thought she meant flour and bought her a 5 pound bag. True story by the way.
But romanticism does not run in my family. Consideration does. My dad does not buy my Mom flowers, but he will mow the grass when she asks, or go out to the store when she asks. That is the way love is shown. That is the way I show it. I have always been the person to cook a nice dinner when my wife is not feeling well, just to cheer her up. Not to put rose petals and wear a zebra thong. Uhhhh, not a good picture, even now.
So here is my letter, and I hope my wife likes it.

Dear Rebecca,
For the last eight years, I love you more and more each day. You truly are the woman for me. I am excited about the future with you, no matter how the economy goes, no matter how many more times we have to move. I want to make you aware of things that I probably have never said to you:
1. My weight gain over the last 8 years is in no way your fault. I have struggled with my weight my whole life. I always lost weight in a poor way. Pills, not eating, and more pills were the way that I quickly lost the weight. It is something I feel like I have totally changed in my life. As you have seen, over the last eight months, I learned how to eat, and eat much better. I made a commitment to live my life, not only for myself, but for you as well. I was tired of being selfish.
2. I commit to living a healthy lifestyle. Fitness and eating right is not just a phase for me. Once I hit my weight loss goal, I will continue this same path, because I love it now. I do not even think about the foods I used to eat. I only love the foods I eat now!
3. I commit to always being there for you, no matter how hard times get.
4. I commit to walking the dog at 5am every morning, so i have the motivation to work out right afterwards.

I love you very much! Happy “early” birthday. I weighed in at 229.8 lbs yesterday. You have never seen me weigh that little. And this is just the beginning!



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