Wearing my hooded sweatshirt and sweat shorts, I realized something today. I have no idea about what is hip in fashion. I could not tell you what all the cool kids are wearing, nor could I really name any name brands that are cool today.

Lets see, there is Dolce Gabbonya (is that right?), ummmm, is Perry Ellis still hip?

That is all I know, and that is not much. For the last 10 years I bought clothes that fit.That was the only question I would ask.
“Does it fit?”
If the answer was yes, then I would purchase it. I never felt that stripes would make a 400 pound guy look slimming, so I really did not care what the clothes looked like.
My brands were always some off brand item. I wore George Foreman size 60 pants, and some other shirts made by a company called “Synergy” (5x). That was about it.
When I was younger, I was all about the brands. I would wear plastic bags over my feet as long as it had the Nike swoosh. God forbid I would get the shoes with the “four stripes” on each side ( Better than Adidas, but not quite K-Swiss).
By the way, why didn’t KangaROO’S ever take off. Those were the best shoes, stylish, and had a pocket you could put a quarter in.
I would wear a paper bag if it had a Hilfiger logo, or a Polo logo. And it had to be a Polo logo, not a “Knights of the Round Table” which was the knock-off brand.
I was all about brands!
I lost all of that when I gained the weight. As a matter of fact, here is a conversation I just had with my wife:

“Hey, did you know that the singer “Pink” had a line of clothing.”
“Yeah, all the girls at the gym have Pink on their butts. I did not think that she was that great of a singer”
“Tony, Pink is a line of clothing from Victoria’s Secret
“That makes no sense, don’t they make underwear? Why are girls wearing underwear to the gym?”
“You know, I am real busy at work today, goodbye!”

So now, I put on a medium shirt for the first time. I really did not know medium was a size. I thought medium was just a joke that clothes designers made for their teddy bears and stuff. Nope, I was wrong, medium is a real size.
I also think I owe it to myself to actually buy some brand name clothing. I worked hard, plus I have not done so since the 90’s.
So I was about to go to the mall, when I found out that there is no more Structure! What!
I guess I will be a slimmer unstylish guy.

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