Part two of the Berry!! The story!

I love hearing about people’s weight loss and weight struggles. Most of the stories are so inspiring, and really tugs at my heart. I love it when I get to hear about someone losing a pound this week, or how they are going to do better next week. How someone walked a mile for the first time, or ate a Snickers bar for the last time.
But I hate generic Internet “success stories”. This is the story that is posted everywhere on the Internet, and it is designed to sell pills. It has pictures that are exaggerated, stories that are reaching, and they all sound the same. So, with the economy the way it is, I am going to sell my new product. Here you go!

How I lost 190 Lbs. in 9 months with Yabba Berry!

Hey you foxy ladies and cool cats. My name is TL, which used to stand for “Too Large”. That picture is of me, when I was over 400 pounds. Yowzers!!!!! My job was stressful, and my weight didn’t help. My dog was mad because I was eating all her food. I was eating close to 6 full pigs a day!!! It was a tough life wearing 20xl shirts and size 120 pants!!
It got so tough that my wife rolled me around everywhere in a ball. And I tried all the popular diets. Slimfast, Trimspa, South Beach, Eating Sand, you name it. But every diet either limited what I ate, or changed my life. Not having it!
Then, I was watching Jerry Springer when I heard about Yabba Berry. It is a Berry from Detroit which makes you lose weight (And you see all the skinny people in Detroit!!) I was skeptical at first, but I decided to get a trial pack. And you know what, it worked.
I also mixed the Yabba Berry with the Colon Doo! At the end, Yabba Doo, I was losing the weight.
Now, you can not find this miracle pill in stores, but for some reason, I have 38 cases in my garage. I am willing to part with some for you, because I know it will help you lose weight, like it helped me.
Look at me now. I am 98 pounds. I actually had to borrow some weight to put on my picture. The shirt I am wearing used to belong to a three year old, and a skinny three year old at that. You should get this product from me, I know it will work. Please hit the link here for a free sample. After the sample, I will hook you in, or take your money! Either way, I am rich!!! Please, leave a comment!!

Hey TL, I used the Yabba, and I lost 20 pounds. Thank you so much- Ben

I do not know what you are talking about, but I lost 10 pounds- Anonymous

Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought fourth on this continent a new nation- Abraham Lincoln

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There is my generic success story. I will be posting it everywhere. I do not know if I could use my success to sell pills. But….

I will tell you what, if I get offered $500,000 for my story, I am selling out faster than a Hannah Montana concert in Topeka, Kansas!

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