I am new to this blog thing. I have done it regularly for about two months now, even though I have had the blog for six months. I do not know if I am good at it, but I do have a good story to tell. Some of my entries are hits, and just as many are misses. I am cool with that, because my main goal is to tell people my story of losing 190.4 pounds (Yes, I lost 3.4 pounds at my weigh in today).
So a lot of times, I try to tell people that inspire me about my story. How I was over 400 pounds, and could not live a normal life. How I made a courageous move to lose weight. How anyone can make a difference in their own lives, just by making some food and fitness changes that will be noticeable in a week. I respond to every email that I get, and I try to give as much advice as I possibly can. Now, I am a guy, but I am so happy that most of the 30 people that read this blog are women. Actually, I am happy that most of the 30 people reading this are breathing.
So today, I made a bold move, and tried to submit my blog to the BlogHer.com community. I love reading blogs here. In fact, most of the blogs I read are in this community, and I thought it would be fun to be part of the gang. I sent a nice email to the community manager, and I got a very nice email back, with a rejection letter.

First of all, I am a guy. I understand that. I am happy about it. But the BlogHer community is for women, hence the name. Now, the email did state that there are three ways I could have my Blog introduced, and they are as follows:

1. Attend a BlogHer Conference- Hmmm, yeah, I think the next one is in July 09

2. Contributing member of a blog registered by a woman blogger- Huh?

3. Blog has been recommended by a BlogHer contributing editor- Don’t know any?

So it looks like I got shunned. As my wife said “Well, it is called BlogHer???”

I agree with her, but it is not like I am trying to wear a skirt, or serve at Hooters. I just want to get my story out to as many people as possible, and maybe inspire a couple of them. There is no money in it for me, or fame. I just know what it was like to be so overweight, and I hated that feeling. I do not want ANYONE to go through what I did.
And weight loss is predomitantly women. I go to WW meetings where I am the only guy. I go into forums where I am the only guy. Heck, I even go to a guy weight loss chat forum where i am the only guy.
But you know, just like everything else, I am still happy to type for the 30 people that read this, and I feel great that I inspired a couple of them.

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