Work has been very busy lately. There are a lot of changes going on. There are so many positive changes at work it is not even funny!
Tomorrow, we are having an all store meeting talking about the new changes.We are fortunate, because we are a test store, and have been doing a lot of the newer items for over a month now. Because my store has done this exact meeting for all of the corporate employees and Divisional Vice Presidents of the company, we are well ahead of the game. Today, I had to get some breakfast for the meeting.
So I went to Sam’s, and I got a ton of food. Cinnamon Rolls, Danishes, Rice Crispy Treats, Candy, Muffins, Coke.I needed enough for about 60 people. I can not expect everyone to eat like me, so I had to get some fun snacks.
When I was in line checking out with about $200 worth of food, I turned the corner and I saw a woman staring at me. I recognized her from my WW meeting. I waved at her, and she kind of waved back.
Because I have the store meeting tomorrow, I will not be at the WW meeting. I hope she does not tell everyone I fell off the wagon because of all the food in my basket.

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