It is the most asked question about my weight loss. Heck, it is the question I always used to ask people about when they lost weight. It is loose skin! That is right, the skin that keeps on giving. It had a home before, but after all of the fat is gone, it does not know where to go.
I have lost 187 pounds in 8 months. So here is the answer to if I have loose skin.Hmmmmmmm, well, what do you think? Of course I do! I have some skin around my belly, thighs, and upper arms. It is not that bad at all, but I notice it.Working out really helps put some of it back, but I have some. I saw an episode of Oprah where a guy lost 400 pounds, and he had skin everywhere. I can promise you it is not that bad. By working out, I can actually see some defined muscles. I even saw a ab. I did! Of course, I had to shine the light right on the side of me, but there is a visible ab. I named her Abby!
My doctor told me on my last visit that I should think about removing the excess skin when I lose all of my weight. I asked if it was a health risk to keep it on, but he said “No, it will help your self-esteem.”
WHAT!!! That is what I need to build my self-esteem. I am losing a lot of weight, I do not care about a little skin. But, there are a few things I will sadly never be able to do, such as:
1. Be proud in a Speed-O– This would really sadden me if I was European.
2. Become a Chippendale Dancer– I do like the “No shirt bow-tie look though”. I can’t dance, but I can shake to Loverboy’s “Working for the Weekend”.
3. Get a accurate body fat test with those tong type calipers-I guess I will have to do the test underwater
That is really all I can think of. I mean, I am married, so the chicks are not a issue. I have a good job, so working shirtless construction is not a option. I love working out in a sweatshirt, I guess chopping wood without a shirt on is not a option.
So I can have a risky $20,000 surgery to remove the skin, or keep it without any health risks?
I think I am going to keep it, and here is my opinion on loose skin. Who Cares!!!
People who lose weight and complain about loose skin are like people who won a million dollars, and complain about paying taxes on it!

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