My chef is on vacation this week, so I have the honor of playing chef all week long.It is not a big deal since it is what I have done the last six years of my life! I am usually in the kitchen helping all of the time anyway, but today I decided cook side by side with the guys and show them a couple of things I have seen wrong, and how to fix them.
I got promoted to Partner earlier this year, but before that I was the chef. I helped design a lot of menu items, and I also was able to run very good financial in my restaurant as well.
I also gained a lot of weight.I mean a lot of weight! I have been in restaurants for over 12 years, and the one thing I did was eat. I was good at it! Now, I have always been a big eater, but being in the kitchen all of the time did not help the cause. Snacking, picking, and cooking were the demise of a 420 pound man.
As a matter of fact, I got so big that I could not wear chef clothes anymore. I was in 5x clothing, and it took to long to order jackets and pants from the distributor. I would wear a dress shirt and slacks instead, from the Casual Male XL. I also got to a point where I was not able to cook on the hot line because of my size.

I remember one year on mother’s day, I worked on the hotline. I worked for an hour, and I had to go outside because I was about to pass out. I actually started throwing up outside because of my heat exhaustion. I was so large, it was tough. I needed to cool down so I went in the freezer. Steam was coming off of me because I was so hot. It was not a good time!

I got to a point where I really could not do much of anything. I was always good with numbers, but I could not move around, or cook anymore.
It was sad. I felt horrible, like I was not worth anything in my career anymore. I was scared, because I felt like I could not do restaurants anymore. At 420 pounds, I really felt like I could not do anything anymore. It was the lowest part of my life.
I lost all of the weight while being a Chef/Partner at the same restaurant. I really think that is what truly makes my story special. I did not go to a ranch to lose the weight, nor did I go on disability. I looked my fear in the face and said ‘Listen Chicken Parmesan, I am going to beat you!” I have lost 193.8 pounds so far by going day in and day out into a restaurant, and having the courage to say no to a lot of unhealthy foods!
Today I am a partner, and I do wonder if I would be successful in another career. I have heard everything from personal trainer to motivational speaker. I do not know if I would do so great in another industry. Yet…..
I think I could do anything I put my mind to!

But for today, you can call me “Chef!”

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