Every day I get a “Ruby” message on my Facebook page. I always need to pray for Ruby, or watch Ruby. Ruby, Ruby, Ruby!!!
I have heard a lot of great things about the show, but I will not be watching it. Nothing personal, I am just not a big fan of weight loss shows”. I have said my opinions on “The Biggest Loser” in previous blogs, and I have not watched a whole episode of it. I know that some people absolutely love the show. I respect that. I just think that not working and living on a ranch and working out is not the way for long term weight loss. But who am I to judge?
I do not know anything about Ruby, but from what I have gotten 10,000 messages about, she is a real nice woman trying to lose weight or she will die. I really hope she follows through, and loses the weight.
But I will say that many overweight people on television have helped shaped my life to what it is today. So I give to you my top 10 overweight people on TV:

10. Wayne Knight “Newman” on Seinfeld- He was funny, sassy, and always made a entrance. He was not the best with the ladies, but he was always invited to go places with Kramer. He also had a government job as a mailman.

9. Christopher Hewitt “Mr. Belvedere” on Mr. Belvedere– He was chunky but funky. The show was named after him, and he basically helped the whole household. He was very important to people. Plus, that stupid theme song is still stuck in my head.

8. James Avery “Phillip Banks” on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air- He was a successful judge who was married to two beautiful women ( How did he have two wives). He would dance around a lot, and never worried about what people thought of him.

7. Fred Berry “Rerun” on What’s Happening- Always the most popular character, those suspenders made him magic. He would dance, and always be the life of the party.

6.Kevin James “Doug Heffernan” On King of Queens- Beautiful wife, great job with IPS (Not UPS), and owned a home. Isn’t that the American dream!!!

5.Nell Carter “Nell” on Gimme A Break- She ate all the time, went on a lot of dates, and still had time to counsel the family. I always thought she would have done well marrying the chief.

4. John Goodman “Dan Conner” on Roseanne- Not the most glamorous life, but he did what he could to provide for his family. I will always respect that.

3. Peter Griffin/Homer Simpson/Fred Flinstone in Family Guy/The Simpsons/ The Flinstones– All three are similar. They are under achievers who always have luck going their way. Plus, they all were married to cartoon women out of their league.

2. Jame Gandolfini “Tony Soprano” in The Sopranos- Okay, so he was in the mob. But he lived a life of luxury.

1. Fat Albert in Fat Albert- Hence the name.

There is my list of 10 people on TV who influenced me. None of them weighed as much as me when I started this journey, and most still weigh less that me now. But they all showed me that you can live a happy life if you love yourself.

And although I do not watch reality shows, sometimes I throw in shameless plugs to get my story out. Now I am on the Biggest Loser bandwagon!

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