The one thing I learned early on as a manager is accountability. If something goes wrong during the time you work, it is your fault. Not only is it your fault, but you need to come up with the answer to fix it real quick.
A lot of managers are not successful because they do not realize how important accountability is. They want to blame their bosses for not teaching them enough, or their employees for not doing their part. They can not take the heat, they get defensive. The truth is, the leader is always the one who will be held liable for actions, so the issues need to be resolved.That is why there are more managers than true leaders.
I am pretty successful in management because of my accountability.I would like to think i am a true leader. I take the blame for everything. My boss loves it, because I always come up with a answer for the issues.

“Tony, your sales were horrible last night!!!!”
” I know sir, I am fully accountable for this, I will make sure our sales are good tonight”

“Tony, you had way too much staff on”
” I know sir, I am fully accountable for this, I wanted to be prepared. I will cut back a little tonight”

“Tony, Ruben Studdard won American Idol”
” I know sir, I am fully accountable for this. I had to vote for the “Velvet Teddy Bear” over the Claymate, even though Clay Aiken went to the same university that I did”

I have no issues with taking the heat…….until I talk about my weight loss!

Until recently, if you were to ask me why I was so overweight, I would blame everyone! By the way, everyone includes:

1. Uncle Ben
2. Chef Boy-ar-dee
3. Burger King
4. Ben and Jerry
5. Willy Wonka

And so many more.

It was not my fault that I ate all of the food, it was society’s fault. I had to eat a lot for Thanksgiving and other holidays, I just had to!.
My job as a chef entitled me to eat as much as possible because I had to make sure the food was right.
I was in a bad mood, so it was okay to eat a lot.
I justified everything!
What made me look at myself is when I started to blame my wife on the inside for eating the way I did. We would go out to eat, so in my mind I had to eat bad. We would have bad food in the house, so it was okay for me to eat it. She was the enabler.
The truth is, she was no where near an enabler. No one is! Weight loss has to come from deep down. When I started losing weight, I was scared. Scared that bad food would be in the house. Scared that I would eat fried food at work. Scared I would stay over 400 pounds for the rest of my life.
I was finally accountable for my weight loss, and had to realize that restaurants will not go away, Uncle Ben will always be at the supermarket, and my wife will not eat the way I do. The world will not change for me, I have to change for it.

So while working at the same restaurant, with the same delicious food, I have lost 193.8 pounds so far.
With chicken nuggets and cookies in the house, I have lost 193.8 pounds so far.
With Ben and Jerry waving to me every time I pass the frozen section, I have lost 193.8 pounds so far.

There is no more excuses for my health. The economy is bad, I could lose my job, and there will be family situations throughout my lifetime.
But as I have said before, it is nice to know I will be able to deal with all of these issues because I have gotten my lifetime back.

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