So today I completed my second week of my boxing cardio classes.Pow, pow! Jab, jab! I love doing them! When I am in those classes, I feel like the underdog. Like Buster Douglas. Well, Buster Douglas today maybe. Even though I have come so far, people are shocked that I make it through a entire class. One of those is me! They do not see the guy who lost 183.8 pounds. They see a guy weighing around 235 who sweats a lot. But the classes work. I took a picture of me and my legs today. I look a little more defined in the shoulders, and my calves will always be big. I mean, I have to have some some positive muscle for carrying 400 pounds around.
So I was thinking today, I am pretty manly. Sure, I love to blog about weight loss, and I do like a romantic comedy here and there, but I am a guy! I mean, I do boxing now, and I dress in sweats a lot. I love sports, and I read all the men’s magazines.
So why is my Ipod so girly? Not the way it looks, but why do I jam to girly music. My Ipod is filled with Brittany Spears, Jessica Simpson, Miley Cyrus, Rhiannon, N Sync, and Kelly Clarkson.
And I work out well to all of it. I run fast to “Toxic”, and I lift heavy to “Since U Been Gone”, and I even hit the heavy bag to “See You Again”.
I know, I should be listening to Pantera, and AC/DC. I should be swearing obscenities when I am blasting Metallica in my ears. But yet, I love to listen to dance pop. That is my workout genre. Those are the songs I work out too. Sure, there is a sprinkling of some tougher singers ( Does the Jonas Brothers count…..I mean like DMX, and ummm….Akon maybe?)
I know I am not alone. I know there are tons of guys and girls who work out to dance pop. It is my favorite workout music. And let me tell you, I am at a point now where if I do not have a ipod/MP3 player with me, it is real tough to work out.
Music is so important to workouts. It motivates me to no end. Even if it is RuPaul.
Anyway, time to do some manly things. There is a new Hannah Montana on my DVR I need to watch. Plus, I do not want to burn my Hungry-Girl “Lord of the Onion Rings”.

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