So I have done the exact same thing every single Monday for the last 8 months. I put on Grey shorts, a white t-shirt, and I wear slip on black shoes and I go weight myself at Weight Watchers.I love the WW scale. I will be honest, this is my favorite thing about WW, and is totally worth the $40 per month.
When I was younger, my mom put a digital scale in the kitchen. I used to weigh myself all the time, every morning, afternoon and night. I became obsessed with the scale.One day 234, the next 237, the next 233. I knew exactly how much I would lose overnight, how much more I would weigh with shoes on, how much a certain pair of pants would weight. I loved weighing myself all the time.
But it got pretty unhealthy. When i was trying to lose weight, I would beat myself up if I gained one day, and lost the next. i would try to combat that by not eating regularly. But I was so obsessed with the scale.
After I got older, the scale did not mean that much to me because frankly, I could not fit on one. The scale would not hold me anymore. It is tough to get a scale that measures over 400 pounds. At the doctor’s office, I was known as a VIP, or the 350+. The scale that I loved before, I hated with a passion.
So now, I keep a healthy distance. I only weigh myself once a week, because I know if I weigh myself more than that, I will become obsessed again. I popped on the scale, and I lost 4 pounds, bringing my total to 180.6 for my journey, and only 19.4 pounds before getting to 200 pounds.

When I was leaving WW, I thought I heard the scale say “Proud o ya kid”, but I am not sure?

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