So I realized that earlier this month I had a string of blogs that had a little tip at the end.It was a little series that spanned all of four days.If you have ever been on a wellness plan, or even tried to diet in the past, then the tips were probably nothing you have not heard before. After four of these blogs, then I stopped. Not sure why I stopped, but I guess talking about my Ipod and wedding suits were much more important. Here is a quick recap of the tips I have blogged about:

Tip #1- Don’t make excuses
Tip #2- Drink Water
Tip #3- Failure is not a option
Tip #4- Clothes do not make the person

See, painless. Well, today let’s continue the series with Tip #5. Today before work I wanted to pick up a snack, so I went to the supermarket by my house. Snacks now are pretty easy for me. Since I have been eating better for the last eight months, fruits have been a big part of my healthy diet. Until recently, I can honestly say I have never snacked on any fresh fruit.No, I have snacked on apple sauce, and sipped grape juice, but never indulged in the “fruit in the raw”.
Even when I started my program, I stayed away from fruits. For some reason, I thought they had too many carbs and sugar, so I stuck with other snacks like the super popular 100 calorie “anything”.

Of subject, but is it me, or is everything now in a 100 calorie bag. I remember when it used to be just a 100 calorie bag of Oreo crusts. Now, you can get 100 calorie pork chops. A woman at a meeting I attended made the best quote when she said “Thank God for the 100 calorie snack pack, 5 of them worked wonders for me!”

Anyway, as I have written about before, during my journey, I read “The F-Factor Diet” and it changed my life. Not only did it teach me about fiber, but it taught me how to live a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise. Anyway, it talked about fiber in fruit, and how important fruit is to a diet.
Fiber in fruit??? I thought only prunes had fiber. Boy way I wrong! Raspberries, strawberries, oranges, apples, pears, etc. all have between 4-8 grams of fiber per serving. With fruit, now it was easy to maintain my goal of 35g of fiber a day. So I switched my snacks to mostly fruit.
And guess what? I felt better, and more full. So now, I am a big fruit advocate. At the supermarket today, I saw the biggest apples I have ever seen (Picture above, I think they are Rome apples). Of course I had to get them. I was stuffed after I ate them today, but it was worth it. So here you go:
Tip #5– Eat Fruit- Don’t juice it, done puree it. Try to start snacking on raw fruit. Splurge with a apple, a pear, raspberries, etc. Remember, no one ever got fat off of fruits and vegetables.

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