So I have been reading a lot of blogs lately, and I started to ask myself why do I write a blog? Is it because I want to tell my story, and have it on a nice little website? Is it because I want to try to help others like me, and maybe give them a couple of encouraging words? Is it because I am a little selfish, and I know that if I write good advice down, I will follow it as well?
I realized the answer is yes to every one of these questions. I feel like a blog, or diary, is so important in weight loss. It is a way to not only let people into your life who would never be there before, but it also helps you see how you are doing each day, and kind-of self help situations based on advice you have written before.
Either way, I love blogs now! I love to read and write them. I have written a lot of entries over the last month, and I have to tell you it is fun. Today is Friday, and for the first time in a while I am actually off on a Saturday. I am going to a wedding, and I think this is the first weekend day I have had off in over a year.
When I read other blogs, the weekend seems to be the most struggling part of people’s journey. It is when all the guards are down, the food gets a little greasier, the portions get a little larger. The sofa looks more inviting than ever, and then on Monday, when they go on the scale, they see the results, which they “kind-of figured”. I never hear anyone talk about the horrible Wednesday, or the unforgiving Tuesday. Nope, it is always the weekend. For five days we work hard, and then we always have excuses why we make poor choices on the weekend.
Well, since I am finally off a real weekend, I am in the same boat as everyone else (usually my “weekend” is Tuesday and Wednesday because those are the days I take off). I want to motivate myself, and others. I was thinking last night about some of my favorite quotes, the ones that kind of help me out when I am about to make a bad decision, or don’t want to get out of bed. So, here is a few of my favorites:

1. “The key to weight loss is eating foods you don’t like”- Usher Perel

Usher is my grandfather, and I used to hate when he told me this. Being a overweight kid, my grandfather was the epitome of health. He would always tell me to eat food I hated because I would not eat so much. Of course, he would be doing this while eating corn flakes with water. Just so you know, I always hated this quote! It made me mad, because I never wanted to hear people who never had a weight problem give me advice. You don’t see me giving Michael Jordan basketball advice, I never played the game.
But…I see the quote now, and I agree. A lot of times, we do not even know what we like, because we are so used to eating what we always have. I always thought I hated cabbage, or raspberries, but in fact after eating them, I realized I love them. You have to be more adventurous, and do it for yourself. When I go to the grocery store now, I always pick up two foods that I have never eaten before, and I try them. I think I had dragon fruit the other day. Ohhh, sounds scary!

2.“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”-
Albert Einstein

One of my favorite quotes, because it is good in the business world as well as personal world. It used to frustrate me when I would eat a lot of food, and then gain weight. This happened to me all of the time. It would frustrate me when my back would hurt, yet I never worked out. It made me realize that if I change my life, the outcome will be different. If I eat let, i will lose weight. If I eat healthier, I will have lower cholesterol, if I take risks at work, sometimes it is positive, but at least I took a chance. I can not be insane.

3.”There is a 3 point banana”- Fun Crazy Leader

I went to a WW meeting that was not my own, and the leader was this woman running around, going crazy. She was having fun, and it made the group have more fun. When she made the comment, which I have never heard, it made me realize no matter what plan you are on, moderation is so important. A slice of pizza will not make you fat, neither will a Snickers bar nor a cheeseburger. but all of them numerous times will destroy a good plan.

So those are a couple of quotes. I have a few more, but do not want to drag the blog out way to long. Please, if you have some great quotes, let me know. I think the more we get motivated, the healthier we will all be!

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