Here is a pic of me in my suit. My wife (who looks lovely) and I went to a wedding. Now, this is where the guy in me comes out, but I hate weddings. As a matter of fact, let me clarify this, I HATE WEDDINGS!! I already had one, why do I need to go to others. Now, do not get me wrong. This was a very nice and classy wedding. A outdoor ceremony, dancing, beautiful flowers. But, I could have done other things like sleep, and sleep.
So at the wedding something funny happened that does happen often now. I talk to people who i have met previously, and they do not know who I am. There was a group of people who I chatted with last Thanksgiving who had no idea who I was. Finally I said “I met you, I was the really heavy guy at Thanksgiving”, and then they knew who I was. It is always such a pleasure to refer to me as “the really heavy guy” by the way.
So the food was buffet style, and a couple of people were concerned about me, which is considerate. They wanted to see if I had the right food to eat, and moderation. Then my wife’s cousin commented “Eat what you want, it is a special occasion!” Thank God for comments like that, which motivate me more!!
The truth is, with the Fiber/Core program I am on, it is so easy to find food to eat. I had a big plate of romaine lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and 2 slices of beef (about 4 oz.). That was enough for me, and then when we got to the hotel, I brought some other food just in case, but I was pretty full.
I do admit, I eat healthier when I am at events or out of town, and I eat pretty healthy in general. I also plan well, because I ate a good amount before the wedding just in case there was no options for me.
Either way, the wedding was beautiful, the bride looked fantastic, and my suit looks cool!

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